Xilinx Demonstrates World's Highest Performance FPGA-Based Acceleration Module at Intel Developer Forum China

BEIJING, April 17 - Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ:XLNX) today announced it will demonstrate the world's highest performance FPGA-based acceleration module at the Intel Developer Forum China this week. The Xilinx Accelerated Computing Platform (ACP) targets Intel Front Side Bus (FSB)-FPGA accelerator modules and features an FSB-capable Virtex(TM)-5 FPGA module as a plug-in to an Intel® Xeon® CPU socket.

Xilinx will demonstrate data transfers over the Intel FSB between system memory and the latest 65nm Virtex(TM) FPGA (field programmable gate array), achieving bus speeds of 800 MHz capable of supporting 6.4 Gbyte/s data transfers.

Xilinx FPGA products and solutions enabled by SelectIO(TM) and RocketIO(TM) technologies to support a multitude of high speed parallel and serial connectivity standards, can significantly accelerate high performance computing applications in scientific, oil and gas, financial, and life sciences, while considerably reducing power, space and cooling requirements. The Xilinx ACP module is intended to complement and accelerate Xeon-based dual- and multi-processor high performance workstation and server systems.

"Xilinx has demonstrated excellent results with its new accelerated computing platform," said Dr. Dileep Bhandarkar, Director of Advanced Architectures for Intel Corporation. "Their continued development for the latest generation of interfaces, such as the Front-Side Bus, will lead to new solutions and even greater levels of performance for today's most demanding, compute-intensive applications."

"Xilinx is proud to showcase the advanced capabilities of our award winning Virtex(TM)-5 FPGA family on the Intel platform," added Xilinx Chief Technology Officer Ivo Bolsens. "This front-side bus technology demonstration represents another exciting breakthrough for the industry in high performance computing, thereby driving adoption of these key new technological advances in the mainstream markets."

Accelerated Computing Platform Solutions - Intel IDF China Highlights

o Keynote
o "Instilling Energy into the Enterprise," Patrick Gelsinger, senior
vice president and general manager, Digital Enterprise Group
- April 17, 10:10-11:00
At this session, attendees will hear Gelsinger's vision for
technical innovation acceleration in the compute industry. From
small offices to the most powerful High Performance Computing, the
Digital Enterprise is moving forward at extreme speed. Intel's
microprocessors, components and computers are leading the way into
this future.

o Demonstrations
o "Wall of Accelerators" - Booth 164
A wide range of accelerator boards with GPUs, CPUs and FPGAs will be
showcased, including FPGA-based solutions from Xilinx: ACP M1 (FSB),
ML505 (PCIe-x1) and Xilinx ML555 (PCIe-x8).

o Sessions
o "Front Side Bus (FSB) FPGA Application Accelerators - Roadmap,
Capabilities, Pros and Cons, and Usage Models," Dr. Avinash
Palaniswamy, product marketing engineer
Learn more about availability of FSB FPGA accelerators in 2007,
capabilities of FSB FPGA modules for acceleration, pros and cons of
acceleration and application acceleration usage models
o "Defining the Next Generation of PCI Express Architectural
Extensions," Ajay Bhatt, Intel Fellow, Digital Enterprise Group,
Director, Platform Components and Interconnects Architecture, Intel
Technical overview of the protocol and software extensions that
comprise the next generation of the PCI Express architecture.
Comprehensive look at the Geneseo protocol and required electrical
parameters to achieve the next generation of PCIe signaling bit

o Chalk Talk
o "Geneseo Extensions," Ajay Bhatt, Intel Fellow, Digital Enterprise
Group, Director, Platform Components and Interconnects Architecture,
Intel Corporation
In-depth and interactive opportunity to discuss the important
features of the Geneseo protocol extensions and the electrical
parameters to achieve the next PCI Express signaling bit rate.

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