Xilinx and Its Ecosystem Demonstrate Next Generation Vision Technologies at the Embedded Vision Summit 2015

Xilinx All Programmable technologies drive advances in embedded vision systems and neural networks acceleration

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) and its ecosystem will demonstrate next generation vision technologies at the Embedded Vision Summit 2015. Xilinx® All Programmable technologies drive advances in embedded vision systems and neural networks acceleration. Learn more about the Embedded Vision Summit and register today at: http://www.embedded-vision.com/summit.

Xilinx Participation at Embedded Vision Summit 2015

Xilinx Conference Presentation

"Implementing Eye Tracking for Medical, Automotive and Headset Applications"

Tuesday, May 12, 2015, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m., Santa Clara Convention Center

Presented by Robert Chappell, CEO, EyeTech Digital Systems, and Dan Isaacs, Director of Smart Connected Systems, Xilinx

Xilinx In-Booth Demonstrations

    --  Accelerating Canny Edge Detection in a Pure Software Environment by

        iVeia: This demonstration will showcase iVeia's canny edge detect

        implemented in two ways: running the algorithm on the processor only,

        and accelerating the algorithm using Xilinx's software development

        environment, SDSoC, without running any low level code.

    --  Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Network Acceleration at Lower Power

        by TeraDeep: This demonstration will highlight more than 20X power

        reduction running Deep Learning software in FPGAs (5 Watts) compared

        with CPU (>100 Watts).

    --  Medical Development Platform by Topic Embedded Systems: This

        demonstration will illustrate how easily different video filters can be

        built into software and accelerated in hardware, leveraging the Zynq®

        All Programmable SoC with Dyplo software running on the Miami System on

        Module (SoM) from Xilinx Premier Alliance Member Topic Embedded Systems.

    --  Compact Eye Tracking System by EyeTech: This demonstration will showcase

        an intelligent eye tracking camera that uses the Zynq All Programmable

        SoC for all of its image processing.

Demonstrations by Xilinx Alliance Program Members

    --  Auviz Systems Accelerated OpenCL-based Convolutional Neural Network

        Demonstration: Xilinx Alliance Member Auviz Systems will demonstrate

        AlexNet running on a Xilinx Virtex®-7 FPGA. AlexNet is a

        Convolutional Neural Network built using Auviz's OpenCL library and

        implemented with Xilinx's SDAccel environment.

    --  Avnet Face Detection and Tracking and GigE Vision Demonstration: Xilinx

        Alliance Member Avnet will be demonstrating a face detection and

        tracking application developed by Premier Alliance Member Xylon on the

        Avnet MicroZed Embedded Vision Development Kit. The real-time

        demonstration finds and tracks the face and facial features in video

        sequences and returns full 3D head pose, gaze direction, facial features

        coordinates, and a wealth of other information. Also demonstrated is a

        GigE Vision application developed by Alliance Member Sensor to Image on

        the Avnet PicoZed Smarter Vision Development Kit.

    --  Inrevium/Fidus Development Solutions for Embedded Vision and Video

        Demonstration: Xilinx Certified Alliance Member inrevium and Premier

        Alliance Member Fidus demonstrate board and IP products with

        customization services that jump-start embedded vision development.

        Technologies showcased are Kintex® UltraScale™ FPGA and

        Artix®-7 FPGA 4K/8K development platforms, paired with HDMI4K, MIPI,

        and 12G-SDI interconnect solutions, along with DisplayPort, eDP, VbyOne,

        and video gearboxes.

    --  MathWorks Rapid People Detector Implementation for Zynq Using Simulink

        HDL Coder Demonstration: Xilinx Alliance Member MathWorks demonstrates

        Model-Based Design for rapid co-design and prototyping of a

        sophisticated vision system that accelerates people detection using the

        HOG algorithm on the Zynq All Programmable SoC. The design is modeled

        and verified in MATLAB and Simulink, then partitioned and accelerated on


    --  National Instruments USB 3.0 and GigE Vision based Embedded Vision

        Demonstration: Xilinx Alliance Program Member National Instruments

        demonstrates LabVIEW real-time/FPGA vision programming tool chain for

        embedded vision applications on both Zynq All Programmable SoC based

        sbRIO-9651 System on Module (SoM) with USB 3.0 and CVS-1458RT Real-Time

        Compact Vision System for GigE Vision Cameras leveraging a Spartan-6

        FPGA for I/O, vision co-processing, and customization.

About Xilinx

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