XCMG Launches New Manufacturing Base and Heavy Truck Model 'HANVAN'

XUZHOU, China -- XCMG put their new heavy truck manufacturing base into production on March 18, the same day the company also launched new heavy truck model, the HANVAN, providing more value to the industry.

XCMG, whose products operate in 173 countries and regions, entered the heavy truck industry in September 2008, having developed rapidly in recent years, earning RMB two billion (USD 324 million) in 2014 and becoming the market leader in China regarding wide-body dump trucks. According to Loh Lap Yan, Managing Director at Malaysia-based Finbond Heavy Machinery, which has been working with XCMG for more than 20 years, XCMG mining dump trucks hold over 50% of the market share in Southeast Asia.

Located in the Xuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Jiangsu Province, China, XCMG's new base occupies 228 acres with annual capacity of 60,000 heavy trucks and 40,000 construction machinery cabs. With an investment of RMB 2.5 billion (USD 406 million), the base marks the highest level of manufacturing technique for commercial vehicles in China. The management system is able to guarantee first-class modern facilities to provide high-quality, mature and reliable heavy truck models that can save energy and reduce emissions while at the same time achieving energy efficiency and environmental protection. Innovative coating workshops enable XCMG to achieve non-phosphorus emissions.

XCMG leads the way globally in model design, ergonomics employment and refinement standards, and heavy trucks manufactured this way feature high digitalization, intelligence, intensity and flexibility. The newly launched HANVAN is a new high-end model that is safer, more comfortable and economic.

HANVAN's most competitive advantage is its degree of comfort. Multiple control technologies and noise-proofing devices are used, making indoor noise four to five decibels lower than the average industry level . Active warning and lighting systems are adopted for safety and in terms of cost-saving measures, it introduces a specially designed optimal dynamic system to reduce the wind-resistance coefficient. Its deadweight is lowered by using lightweight parts.

XCMG will now not only focus on construction and special vehicle production, but also transform from a single manufacturer to an operating service company offering key clients and projects value added solutions.

For more information, please visit: www.xcmgauto.com, or XCMG home pages on Facebook, Twitter  and Youtube  or Carolina Li: xcmg_media@163.com.

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