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Tessy Comes with Enhanced Support of ASAP2

The latest version of Tessy, a tool to automate unit / integration testing of embedded software, now offers an enhanced support of the ASAP2 standard.

Tessy can use the standard's conversion rules to change a (physical) test input value into a binary value which then can be used for the test. On the contrary, Tessy can convert binary test results into physical formats the test engineer is used to. This allows him to work in a familiar way when generating test cases and checking test results.

Tessy supports the ASAP2 standard already for more than ten years. The new release now also allows to initialize characteristic curves with physical values. All kinds of definition for axises and data from ASAP V1.5.1 are supported by Tessy. Furthermore, all values that are entered in Tessy using the integrated editor or that are imported in Tessy from files are converted to the nearest valid physical value according to the ASAP conversion rule in question.

ASAP2's full name is ASAM MCD-2 MC. ASAM is standing for the organization (Association for the Standardisation of Automation and Measuring Systems) and MCD for Measurement, Calibration and Diagnosis. It is a standard for the conversion of physical values in their ususal representation (e.g. temperature in °C) and the internal (binary) representation of the value in the memory of a computer. This conversion may not be trivial, i.e. a binary zero does not need to represent 0 °C in any case, but the binary zero may represent for instance -40 °C (and the binary one may represent -39.5 °C). The standard is mostly used in the automotive field, where values from the memory of an electronic control unit (ECU) need to be converted for input and display using external tools, e.g. calibrating tools.

Tessy is distributed by Hitex Development Tools.

More info: http://www.hitex.com/index.php?id=module-unit-test

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