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Aerzen's New Delta Hybrid Rotary Lobe Compressor


After the national launch at WEFTEC in October, the first Aerzen Delta Hybrid Rotary Lobe Compressor has been installed in a side-by-side test comparison at the Huntington, NY Wastewater Treatment Plant. The first month results have confirmed a peak usage energy savings of 30% and daily energy savings 28%. "The real kicker here is that this treatment facility went through new upgrades only two years ago. So we are comparing newer equipment to the Hybrid technology." states Tom McCurdy from Aerzen USA.

The results are part of the overall focus of the operators at the WWTP. The Huntington, NY WWTP has been in operation since 2008. The existing blower system has had high energy use costs associated with it and many problems since the start, so the town initiated the search for a resolution. The equipment had numerous mechanical failures with many attempts from the manufacturer trying to remedy the situation. This was the impetus for the treatment plant operator to look for a new solution, even though the existing blower equipment was only two years old.

Mr. John Pavlik is the treatment plant supervisor who has a reputation for being energy and cost conscious, interested in reducing power consumption and ultimately, taking on the roll of designing the side-by-side test and being the technical field consultant for the analysis. He made a connection to Aerzen through the regional representative, GA Fleet Company. McCurdy comments "We started talking with John in December in 2009 during a failure of the existing machines over the holidays. There was an opportunity to feature Aerzen's new technology that would address the problems and significantly improve energy efficiency, so they decide to move forward with a test."

An assessment was made based on the input from the township and then the plant implemented the comparison of the new Delta Hybrid running side-by-side of existing equipment. The operators at the waste water treatment plant started to collect operating data from the existing blowers at the end of August, 2010, before the test installation, to set a baseline.

The Delta Hybrid was then installed and started up two months later, at the beginning of November. The township installed two power demand meters, which measure the demand in KW hour and in KW peak power. The readings are captured four times a day for comparison. The test is scheduled to run for a period of two months.

The result: during the first month period the new Delta Hybrid was averaging 28% less power consumption per day and 30% less peak demand versus the current blower equipment. The electricity costs in the area are approximately $0.19 per kilowatt hour.

McCurdy adds, "At the same time we are testing a new remote monitoring system that is connected to the Delta Hybrid. We can watch the data and trends in real-time anywhere we have an internet connection. The system is monitoring the inlet and discharge temperature, vibration, speed, oil temperature as well as the inlet and discharge pressure. This helps use provide real-time results to the operators. The treatment plant officials are so excited and impressed that they are holding a conference for the press and local media to showcase the cost savings that is being projected for town residents!"

The township event to showcase the new technology and savings results will be held on:
December 14th at 1:00pm EST
Huntington Station Wastewater Treatment Plant
Creek Rd Huntington, NY 11743
(631) 351-3242

Guests and the press are invited to watch the real-time results. Plant operators and officials will be available for questions.

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