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Gas Pump Fraud , Credit Card Skimming - TydenBrooks and NACS Reduce Fraud

TydenBrooks, a leader in tamper evident security and NACS (The National Association of Convenience and Petroleum Retailing) are working together to support the PCI Compliance initiative of reducing credit card and ID fraud at retail point of sale.

As a result of credit card fraud, the Payment Card Industry formed the PCI Standards Council which developed security "best practices" for data encryption, data storage, protection of pin entry devices (PEDs) and the protection of unattended PEDs such as gas pumps. The "best practices" are now being mandated for the retail industry.

As part of a NACS security education and training program called "We Care...About Your ID", a web based ordering program has been created whereby NACS members can go on-line and purchase tamper evident labels. Members would place the labels on fuel dispensers near the credit card transaction area or other unattended PIN-entry devices (PEDs).

If anyone breaches the pump door area where a label has been affixed, a "VOID" message will appear on the label as it is lifted. This will visually alert the store employee so that additional action can be taken.

There have been situations across the country where criminals have opened and inserted skimming devices on various PEDs. The criminals can then download personal information from credit/debit cards leading to ID theft. "Using tamper evident labels is a simple and cost effective way of implementing a security best practice to lower fraud" states Michael Frobosilo, Product Manager, Security Tapes & Labels of TydenBrooks.

Members can go to the PCI Compliance Section of the www.nacsonline.com and click on the "We Care Program" icon where they can purchase labels on-line or go directly to wecare.tydenbrooks.com . The "We Care" labels will be shipped directly to each gas pump location. The on-line ordering program will commence on November 1st.

This label solution is also appropriate for other "cash related" transition areas such as ATM's, vending machines or to protect overnight storage of transaction materials.

For additional information or for a quote, please contact Michael Frobosilo, Product Manager, Security Tapes & Labels - 1 973 597 2900, sales@tydenbrooks.com.

About TydenBrooks: TydenBrooks Security Products Group was formed in November 2009 and has combined multiple security seal leadership brands (TydenBrammall, E.J.Brooks and Stoffel Seals). The company's innovative tamper evident products have been used by a diverse number of industries for over 136 years to safeguard assets. The retail marketplace is a major industry segment for TydenBrooks around the globe. Whether it is assisting to protect movement of goods during transportation, in the distribution centers or at point of sale, TydenBrooks provides a variety of security solutions for the retail trade. Visit our website at www.tydenbrooks.com, wecare.tydenbrooks.com.

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