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EcoDry Dehumidification Systems Cut Energy Costs by 45%

Bry-Air's new energy efficient desiccant dehumidifiers, with BrySmart control technology, reduce energy usage up to 45% making them the most energy efficient in the market! BrySmart can also be economically retrofitted to existing systems providing the benefits of improved operation and lower energy costs. The system optimizes performance over a wide range of operating conditions from full to off-peak loads by monitoring humidity and adjusting operating parameters to optimize performance.

According to Terry Lansing, Vice President, Engineering, "Systems are designed to meet peak load conditions, but most applications have considerable off-peak hours throughout the year. We use advanced microprocessor based control technology to optimize the performance of the system over this wide range of conditions. Our patent pending technology continuously monitors humidity loads and adjusts multiple operating parameters resulting in optimized performance and significant energy savings of up to 45% when compared to conventional systems. And, because the control system can be economically retrofit to existing installations of most dry desiccant dehumidifiers, we can offer all the benefits of improved operation and lower energy costs to the installed base."

For more information contact Chris Bogart cbogart@bry-air.com.


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