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Plastiques Moore Unveils His Innovative Applications of BioDegradable Polymers

Plastiques Moore Unveils His Innovative Applications of BioDegradable
Polymers at Expoplast 2008 SaintDamien,Quebec, Novembre 5 2008 Normand Mercier VP Sales and Marketing of Plastiques Moore unveils the innovative applications of BioDegradable Polymers during a conference at one of the biggest Plastics show in Canada : Expoplast 2008. Mr. Mercier gave concrete applications of BioDegradable Polymers in Injection Molding at Plastiques Moore. Several factors lead Plastiques Moore to offer BioDegradable Polymers for his customers:

· Crude oil ressources rising prices

· The needs of the end users customers for a sustainable development

· To be more competitive

· To offer innovative solutions for his customers

To accelerate this innovation, Plastiques Moore established a partnership with an Europeen company. This partner markets his products successfully in Europe. Also, Plastiques Moore is reviewing some products that are actually molded in his plant for actual customers in order to evaluate the advantages of a conversion to BioDegradable
Polymers. Finally, Plastiques Moore and his Europeen partner participates
with a Provincial Research Centre in order to introduce an innovative product that will satisfy the needs of the Forestry and Horticultural sectors. In the example below, the product has almost degraded after 115 days in the ground.

Plastiques Moore is an innovative leader in managing complex injection molding projects. Plastiques Moore goes beyond best practices in design, molding and assembly to deliver high quality plastics solutions in North America.

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