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Quail announces new Quad Approved Power Cord (UL, CSA, PSE, BSMI)

Quail Electronics, Inc. is proud to release our new Quad Approved power cord. This cord is attractive for anyone selling products domestically or internationally since 1 cord can be used for 4 different countries. A company can now cut down on inventory and costs by using the Quail Quad Approved cable. Quail has been able to integrate all necessary wire types to enable the cord to have UL, CSA, PSE and BSMI approvals.

These cords are now available for purchase. Please contact Quail Electronics's sales department for further information.

The sales and customer service department can be reached at (800)669-8090
or e-mail [email protected]. Quail Electronics, Inc. www.quail.com e-mail:[email protected] Toll Free (800) 669-8090 or (925) 373-6700 Fax (925)373-7099
2171 Research Drive, Livermore, CA 94550

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