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Advanced MES Functionality for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Now Available

Microsoft Dynamics AX Gold Partner, Ellipse Solutions, and Memex Automation creator of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), MERLIN, partnered to expand the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to include MERLIN’s advanced shop floor functionality.  Through the partnership, the initial prototype was completed and additional features are now being developed.

MERLIN is a manufacturing productivity tool that provides a real-time automated approach to data collection and OEE metrics for visibility into what is happening at each machine or shop floor manual process.  The advanced functionality in MERLIN allows work order information to flow seamlessly from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 through a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to the machine on the shop floor and back, an electronic traveler, delivering on a paperless shop floor.  The benefits of plant-wide visibility mean pro-active response, less downtime, improved production scheduling and quality, as well as more extensive data analysis and reporting capabilities, often translating into a 10%-50% increase in efficiency. 

“Immediate visibility of production status and comprehensive data collection is vital for a competitive advantage,” said John Rattray, VP Sales & Marketing with Memex Automation.

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