X-Ray System inspects SMT assemblies.

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Verifier Bench Top X-Ray System handles large bare or fully loaded assembled boards up to 16 x 18 in. It provides both top down and angled viewing in continuous real-time imaging of packages from 2-60 mm to discern bridging, missing, and poor reflow shapes, and voiding. With high-resolution 80kV, .33 micron microfocus x-ray tube, system is suited for inspection, failure analysis, and verification of reworked BGAs, µBGAs, and Chip Scale Packages.

Original Press Release:

New Bench Top X-Ray System for Less than $40K

Anaheim, CA (March 22, 2004) - FocalSpot, Inc., a provider of inspection and rework/repair solutions and services, today introduced their newest innovation, a small and portable x-ray system that handles large bare or fully loaded assembled boards up to 16" x 18". Mounted on an existing or portable bench top, the Verifier Bench Top x-ray system is an entry level, low-cost closed cabinet x-ray system with a footprint of only 29" x 32". The system's large field-of-view (FOV) makes it ideally suited for inspection, failure analysis and verification of reworked BGA's, µBGA's, Chip Scale Packages (CSP's), and other SMT devices and connectors as well as spot checks of production lines for small and medium sized EMS.

The Verifier is specifically designed to address the most common problems in the production and rework of SMT assemblies. The system provides both top down and angled viewing in continuous real-time imaging of packages from 2mm to 60mm to reliably discern bridging, missing and poor reflow shapes, and voiding. It has a high-resolution 80kV, .33-micron microfocus x-ray tube with ample power to punch through such challenging packages as Ceramic Column Grid arrays and BGA devices with metal lids and heat sinks. The large format high-resolution detector with zoom lens facilitates a fast snap shot of a component in a single view for quick verification of common assembly or rework defects.

The new bench top x-ray system is configurable in several formats depending on the users' requirements. The unit can be placed adjacent to the customers' existing rework equipment for complete rework and rework verification in one work cell or as a stand-alone portable unit, easily rolled for use on the production floor, for training, prototype or process verification.

Each system includes a flat panel monitor and standard computer. Add-on features include a powerful automatic defect software for BGA, leaded devices, wire-bonding or drill holes, and a customized Verifier Workbench is also available.

Price And Availability
The Verifier is American made and priced under $40,000 with deliveries from 4 to 6 weeks ARO. Full specifications can be found at focalspot.com/verifier.

About FocalSoot. Inc.
Headquartered in San Diego, CA - FocalSpot, Inc. provides advanced BGA/SMT inspection and rework solutions and services to manufacturers of electronics assemblies. Our product offerings include a complete line of rework stations, soldering tools and accessories. We also offer BGA "look-under" microscopes and will soon include a complete line of x-ray inspection solutions.

FocalSpot has aligned itself with third party support personnel for extended reach throughout North America. Currently facilities include the greater San Francisco Bay area, Midwest, Southwest and East Coast regions. FocalSpot also has over twelve leading SMT manufacturer's representatives nationwide and plans to expand this distribution channel in 2004.

For more information on FocalSpot and its cost saving solutions, customers should contact Frank Silva: 9915 Businesspark Ave., Ste. A, San Diego, CA 92131 phone: 858-536-5050 fax: 858-536-5054 e-mail: sales@focalspot.com. The company is on the World Wide Web at www.FocalSpot.com.

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