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Offering intensities in excess of 1011 photons/sec/mm², MICROSTAR ULTRA II(TM) X-ray source allows collection of quality data during processes such as protein crystallography in structural biology. Product utilizes ULTRA FOCUS(TM) electron optics to produce high-intensity X-ray beam that features uniform profile. In addition to selectable divergence, solution also features HyperCool(TM) anode technology, which lends to minimal maintenance and power consumption.

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Bruker AXS Announces MICROSTAR ULTRA II High Brightness X-Ray Source with Novel ULTRA FOCUS(TM) Electron Optics

MADISON, Wisc.-November 15, 2007--Bruker AXS Inc., a leading global developer and provider of life science, materials research and industrial X-ray analysis tools, today announced its new MICROSTAR ULTRA II, the newest version of the 2007 R&D Award winning MICROSTAR ULTRA ultra-bright X-ray source for structural biology.

Its innovative new ULTRA FOCUSTM electron optics (patent pending) give an enhancement in intensity equivalent to a doubling of the anode rotation frequency and thus produce an extremely high intensity X-ray beam, more than 30 times brighter than a conventional rotating-anode generator. The intensity of the MICROSTAR ULTRA II now surpasses many second-generation synchrotron beam lines. The introduction of the MICROSTAR ULTRA II will change the way protein crystallography is done as most routine de novo structures can now be routinely determined in the home laboratory with time consuming trips to the synchrotron reserved for high resolution data collections, only.

"Our mission is to provide increasingly brighter sources, but always with the exemplary reliability and low cost of ownership that our users have come to expect from the MICROSTAR family", said Dr. Roger Durst, Chief Technology Officer for Bruker AXS, "With the development of the novel ULTRA FOCUSTM, we are fulfilling this promise."

The Bruker AXS ultra-bright MICROSTAR ULTRA II(TM) X-ray source for structural biology allows the collection of quality data that were previously difficult or impossible to analyze in the home laboratory.


Bruker AXS is a leading developer and provider of life science, materials research and industrial X-ray analysis and spark-OES tools. For more information, please visit www.bruker-axs.com

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