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X-Ray Inspection System has maintenance-free configuration.

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Apr 07, 2010 - Suited for EMS providers and semiconductor packagers, semi-automatic and batch loading X1 inspection system may be used to inspect mixed BGA/SMT devices, connectors, and plated though hole (PTH) assemblies. Integrated 130 Kv x-ray source can image demanding samples, including those with metal sinks. Available with 4- or 5-axis sample manipulator and 15 x 20 in. x-y travel for samples up to 5 lb., system offers 360° of rotation and 30° of tilt.

Nordson Corp. - Westlake, OH

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Nordson YESTECH Releases X1 Batch Loading X-Ray Inspection Solution

Press release date: Feb 04, 2010

Carlsbad, CA, USA - Nordson YESTECH, a subsidiary of Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) and a leading supplier of automated optical and x-ray inspection systems for the electronics industry, announced today the introduction of its X1 semi-automatic, batch loading x-ray inspection system. The new X1 x-ray offers EMS providers and semiconductor packagers a superior yield enhancement solution to reduce costs, improve quality and increase throughput.

The Nordson YESTECH's X1 provides users with a high-resolution x-ray capability in a flexible, compact and maintenance free configuration. The X1 is ideal for inspecting mixed BGA/SMT devices, connectors and plated though hole (PTH) assemblies. The high power 130Kv x-ray source provides ample energy to image even the most demanding samples, including those with metal sinks.

The X1 is available with a 4 or 5 axis sample manipulator and a 15" x 20" (380mm x 508mm) x-y travel for samples up to 5 pounds in weight. Full 360 degrees of rotation and 30 degrees of tilt are available. Stepper motor drives provide a wide range of motion from ultra-slow use at high magnifications, to high speed for travel over large distances. All systems come with a unique control module and programmable motion for automated inspection.

The X1 comes with Nordson YESTECH's proprietary machine vision technology for fully automated inspection of BGA and flip chip devices. Other automated inspections include die attach, bond wire and correct assembly verification.

"X-ray Inspection is an important tool for EMS providers in achieving high quality standards", said Don Miller, Nordson YESTECH President. "Used for process / quality control and failure analysis, the X1 provides powerful inspection capability, accurate inspection results and a quick return on investment"

For pricing and availability of Nordson YESTECH products, call Nordson YESTECH's USA HQ at: (760) 918-8471 or visit the Nordson YESTECH website at

About Nordson YESTECH Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Nordson YESTECH is a leading provider of automated optical and high-resolution x-ray inspection systems, with integrated yield enhancement solutions for the printed circuit board assembly and advanced semiconductor-packaging industries. Founded in 2002 and acquired in 2007 as a subsidiary of Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq:NDSN), Nordson YESTECH is operated and managed by a team of industry experts with a history of success, bringing powerful and cost-effective inspection to the electronics market. The company has sales offices and customer support centers in North America, Asia and Europe. For more information on Nordson YESTECH and its products, visit

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