X-Ray Analyzer measures microstructures.

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Fischerscope® X-Ray XDVM®-u uses X-ray fluorescence and micro-focus X-ray optics to measure and analyze microstructure coatings on structures as narrow as tens of microns. It can analyze thickness and composition of multiple coatings containing up to 24 individual elements, either in pure element or alloy coatings. Applications include testing and measuring miniaturized electronics, including PC boards, chips, and contacts.

Original Press Release:

New Fischerscope® X-Ray XDVM®-u Provides Precise Measurement Of Microstructure Coating Systems

WINDSOR, CT (May 24, 2002)--Keeping pace with the quantum growth in miniaturized electronic components, the new FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDVM®-micro provides dependable measurement and analysis of microstructure coatings using the X-ray fluorescence method and unique micro-focus X-ray optics.

The X-RAY XDVM-u solves the challenges posed in testing and measuring miniaturized electronics, including pc-boards, chips and contacts. The instrument's innovative, patent pending X-ray optics allows the generation of very small measurement areas with high radiation intensity, which allows measurements on structures as narrow as tens of micrometers.

Far more economical than poly-capillary lenses, Fischer's proprietary X-ray optics enable the thickness measurement and composition analysis of coating systems on very fine structures. The XDVM-u is capable of measuring structures where conventional coating thickness measuring instruments fall short due to low X-ray fluorescence intensity.

The powerful capability of the X-RAY XDVM-u's integrated Software WinFTM® V6 can analyze the thickness and composition of multi-coatings containing up to 24 individual elements, either in pure element coatings or alloy coatings.

Other features include a high precision, programmable XY-stage with 220 mm travel in each direction and a position accuracy of approximately .3 micron; X-ray tube with variable high voltage up to 50 kV and an anode current of up to 0.8 mA, and a video microscope with up to 236x magnification.

The X-RAY XDVM-u has proven its high efficiency in numerous applications, such as measuring AuAg/NI coatings on lead frames with conductor tracks as narrow as 30 micro m and measuring individual thicknesses of Au/NiP10 coating on Cu wire springs for cell phone keypads with diameters of only 150 microns.

Fischer has been an innovative leader in the field of non-destructive thickness measurement and material testing instruments since 1953. Solutions are available for coating thickness measurement using the X-Ray fluorescence, beta backscatter, magnetic induction, eddy current and coulometric methods. Fischer also offers solutions for measurement of microhardness, conductivity, ferrite content and porosity testing.

For more information about all the ways the FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XDVM-u can help solve the toughest microstructure measurement challenges, contact Fischer Technology, Inc., 750 Marshall Phelps Rd., Windsor, CT 06095. 1-800-243-8417. In CT (860) 683-0781. FAX: (860) 688-8496. E-mail: info@fischer-technology.com Web site: www.fischer-technology.com.

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