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WVTR Test System uses infrared method.

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WVTR Test System uses infrared method.

Mar 20, 2014 - Designed according to principle of water vapor’s particular spectrum absorption to infrared, W3/230 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System utilizes Triple-chambers Integration Module, which enables 3 test results to be acquired in one test. Materials of different permeability levels can be tested as sensor can secure precise test data at test range of 0.01~1000 g/m2•24h. Embedded database saves detailed information of each test and offers query to historic data.

Labthink International, Inc. - Medford, MA

Original Press Release

Labthink Patent Design Applied on Infrared Method WVTR Test System

Press release date: Mar 19, 2014

In 1970s, infrared testing method was introduced into the wvtr (water vapor transmission rate) testing area because of its high accuracy, large testing range and long service life, etc. And it gradually became sophisticated enough to enjoy equal importance with gravimetric method. Recently, with users’ increasing demand for high standards instruments, Labthink takes the opportunity to launch its W3/230 Water Vapor Transmission rate Test System, an upgraded edition of infrared method WVTR testing instrument integrated with Lanthink patent techniques.

Fully Automatic
W3/230 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test system is designed according to the principle of water vapor’s particular spectrum absorption to infrared. The system generates a humidity difference between the two sides of specimen, which forces the water vapor diffuses from the high to the low and water vapor from the low side enters into the infrared sensor.  Through detection of infrared energy loss when passing the water vapor space, water vapor density will be measured by the infrared sensor, on which basis the transmission rate of specimen will be calculated. The test method conforms to various standards including GBT 26253AASTM F1249AISO 15106-2ATAPPI T557AJIS K7129.

High Efficiency
Short testing time, one of the advantages of infrared method over gravimetric method, is fully amplified by the adoption of Labthink’s proprietary technique of Triple-chambers Integration Module in which three testing chambers are placed at different sides of one module to form an integrated structure that effectively reduces the space occupation of instrument. Test efficiency is enhanced as three test results can be acquired in one test due to the mutual-independence of chambers without any interference at all.

High precision
High precision and repeatability greatly push forward the popularity of Infrared method in moisture permeability testing. Each single detailed procedure of W3/230 system reflects Labthink’s persistence in perfection pursuit. Three test mode are set to W3/230 system, which respectively are standard mode (cycling test process among the three chambers stops at the preset cycle times), proportional mode (test stops when the changing rate of water vapor transmission goes under the preset value) and continuous mode (manually stop the test). Users can select the most proper mode according to different permeability of materials as well as specific purposes.

Moreover, inside the instrument there mounted a high precision sensor of which the inlet and outlet are respectively positioned at its bottom right and top left so as to extend the gas passing distance which ensures the fully infrared absorption by test gas carrying water vapor for error minimization purpose. Materials of different permeability levels can be tested as the sensor mounted has the ability to secure precise test data at a super-wide test range (0.01~1000 g/m2•24h). As the infrared sensor which as above mentioned measures the water vapor density through the energy loss value of infrared when it passes through the water vapor space belongs to relative value category, Labthink accordingly provides reference films for fast calibration of system to ensure the accuracy and universality of test data.

Besides the saving of instrument space, Labthink’s patent technique of triple-chambers integration module also plays important role in raising test precision due to two reasons. Firstly, the integration design saves the connecting pipes among chambers thus the gas leakage possibility is minimized. Secondly, test precision increases due to improved uniformity of temperature and humidity control as the three chambers are arranged much tighter.

The software, Labthink developed specially for W3/230 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test system, is enabled with user-friendly interface and intelligent date process function. The embedded database storage technique applied is able to save detailed information of each test and offer users a convenient query to historic data.

Now W3/230 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test system has been adopted by worldwide scientific research institutes and large-scale packaging materials manufacturers, and is highly rated for stable performance. Today, Labthink International, based in Massachusetts, Greater Boston well-known for being the hub of technological innovations, has been put into operation. It will provide our global clients faster and more convenient technical support as well as after sale service!