Wright's Flour Chooses Two Goring Kerr DSP3 Metal Detectors for State-of-the-Art Mill Based on Performance and Service Levels

Rugby, UK - September 19, 2006 - Thermo Electron Corporation (tel: 01788 820300), an industry-leading producer of analytical and process instrumentation, has recently installed two advanced Goring Kerr DSP3 metal detectors at Wright's Flour state-of-the-art mill located in Ponders End, London. The UK's leading manufacturer of bread mixes chose Thermo based on its existing working relationship, high service levels and the DSP3's high levels of performance including the special AuditCheck(TM) facility.

"We have a long working history with Thermo", comments Alan Cave, director, Wright's Flour, "We've always been happy with the company's service and its products are reliable while offering a good standard of performance. I particularly like the DSP3's AuditCheck(TM) feature, which helps save time and improves efficiency."

AuditCheck(TM) is a patented device that automatically validates the metal detector's sensitivity performance. The integrated system sends a regular test shuttle through the head of the metal detector and the resulting signal is compared to calibration data. The operator can take immediate action if any deviation is reported. Changes caused by product can be identified early for re-calibration, helping to reduce downtime and re-work.

These latest Goring Kerr DSP3 metal detectors installed at Wright's Flour have the same specification as existing units apart from aperture size. One unit is inspecting 10 x 1.5 kg bags of pre packed flour for retailers as well as cash and carry outlets. It currently operates at speeds up to 40 packs per minute.

The second machine features a larger aperture and is inspecting sacks up to 32 Kg of Wright's specialty mixes for bakers.

Thermo's Goring Kerr DSP3 metal detector can be custom-designed to suit virtually any packaging application or product line; including pipeline and drop through systems.

Other special features include software signal enhancements to suit both wet and dry applications, and Total Quality Solution (TQS) comprising reject validation to ensure the reject mechanism functions correctly and Goring Kerr quality test to check manual tests are conducted at allocated times.

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