Wovtex(TM) Standard Abrasion Protection Sleeve Made Of Nylon Is Economical Option for Containment and Protection

WovTex(TM) standard abrasion protective hose cover and cable sleeve is a tubular textile sleeve manufactured from abrasion resistant Nylon. It is our most economical option for managing, containing and protecting your product.

Product applications for Standard Sleeve include protection and containment for hose assemblies, rope and wire harnesses. Ropes and swinging metal chains are also deterred from causing physical or cosmetic damage. Typical market applications include heavy equipment manufacturers, hose manufac¬turers, distributors and hose repair shops.

Standard Sleeve Features & Benefits:

o Protects against physical abrasion and deterioration

o Meets ISO 6945 abrasion standards

o Provides limited burst and containment protection

o Extremely durable and flexible nylon

o Guaranteed to fit your specific application

o Available in 2 styles and multiple widths

Protective Sleeving Product Highlights:

o Solution Dyed Nylon

o MSHA IC 171/1

o UV Protected

o Colors: black

o Inside Width: 1.00" - 9,125"

o Round ID: 0.71" - 5.76"

o Rolled / Printed

Properties and Specifications:

Abrasion: Meets or exceeds ISO6985 abrasion standard

Fire: WoxTex is approved by MSHA for use in underground mines, IC17/1

Color: Standard is black

Melting Point: 374 - 410 F (210 - 220 C)

Material: Polyamide 6

Dimensional Stability: Great resistance to sun, atmospheric agents and aging

Toxicity: non-toxic

Gauging Sleeve Size: .090" ± .020" (Double Wall Thckness)

o 1236 style available with thicknesses of .090" ± .020"

o 1234 style available with thicknesses of .160" ± ,020"

o All styles available in millimeter dimensions.

o Contact Southern Weaving for your specific application.

Southern Weaving Company has more than 80 years of industrial textile experience and experienced management team with several decades of knowledge about the textile industry, narrow fabric and hi-tech webbing design and manufacturing. Our core competencies of weaving and knitting have evolved into the development of 3D composite fabrics for use in many different applications. The Company has grown over the years and now services North America with facilities in Greenville, Easley, and Anderson, South Carolina and Collingwood, Canada.

Contact: Sandy Saye

800 849 8962 ex:323

Email: ssaye@southernweaving.com

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