Woven Housewrap has water drainage channels.

Press Release Summary:

GreenGuard® RainDrop(TM) utilizes moisture management technology that acts as water barrier: vertical cords every few centimeters along face of housewrap create drainage channels that divert bulk water straight down to base of exterior wall. Channels dry quickly due to facilitated airflow and will not crush, even when hard-backed siding is fastened to wall over product. Material comes in 9 x 100 ft and 9 x 150 ft rolls.

Original Press Release:

Pactiv Introduces GreenGuard® RainDrop(TM) Housewrap, The First Wrap with Innovative Water Drainage Channels

ATLANTA (Jan. 21, 2003) - Pactiv Corporation (NSYE: PTV) introduces GreenGuard® RainDrop(TM) housewrap, the industry's first woven housewrap with water drainage channels that move bulk water down to the base of the exterior wall.

GreenGuard® RainDrop(TM) housewrap's new and effective moisture management technology goes beyond simply serving as a water barrier. Vertical cords every few centimeters along the face of the housewrap create drainage channels that divert water straight down. GreenGuard® RainDrop(TM) housewrap's drainage channels will not crush even when a hard-backed siding is fastened to the wall over the housewrap. When moisture penetrates the exterior finish or condenses on the backside of the exterior material, the moisture drains easily and quickly along the drainage plane on the face of the housewrap. Once the water has drained away and the source of water has ended, the drainage planes air dry.

"We have designed a truly unique and innovative moisture management solution," said Jack Lubker, manager of strategic growth and alliances for Pactiv's building products division. "Builders can have peace of mind when using RainDrop with its barrier properties and its special drainage performance not found in other housewraps."

GreenGuard® RainDrop(TM) housewrap not only moves bulk water down to the base of the wall, but it dries faster as the drainage channels facilitate airflow along the exterior face of the wrap. GreenGuard® RainDrop(TM) housewrap breathes to allow moisture vapor to escape.

Available for shipment in March, GreenGuard® RainDrop(TM) housewrap comes in 9' x 100' and 9' x 150' rolls and can be used with most common exterior finishes. Like all other GreenGuard® housewraps - GreenGuard® Classic Wrap, GreenGuardg Ultra Wrap and GreenGuard Value Wrap - GreenGuard® RainDrop(TM) housewrap meets the national, standard, uniform and international building code requirements for air barriers, moisture protection barriers and weather resistant barriers.

For further information about the GreenGuard® family of products from Pactiv, please call 1-800-241-4402 or visit the GreenGuard® web site at www.green-guard.com.

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