WORX's New 20V Multi-Function LED and 20V MAX Lithium LED Worksite Lights Generate 20 Percent Less Heat

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  • Cordless multi-function LED can be used as a flashlight with 130 lumens that burns for 18 hours on a single charge of the 1.5 Ah battery
  • Can be used as a lantern by positioning it vertically with right or left angled to 140° that generates 480 lumens
  • With Hi/Lo settings it can be used as a desk lamp by tilting the light to 70° and generates 440 lumens in Hi whereas 210 lumens in Lo

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WORX New 20 Volt Led Lights Outshine Other Light Sources in Energy Efficiency and Longevity

Charlotte, N.C. (PRWEB) February 26, 2019

Choosing the right light source makes a difference when it comes to task lighting for home projects. WORX® offers two new cordless solutions to tackle a wide variety of projects including the 20V Multi-Function LED Light and the 20V MAX Lithium LED Worksite Light.

These days, there are many light sources to choose from, but a big advantage of an LED light is that it burns cooler than halogen, incandescent, compact fluorescent lights (CFL) or xenon bulbs. In fact, LED lights are considered the most energy efficient, while generating less than half the heat of halogen or incandescent bulbs, and up to 20 percent less heat than CFL bulbs. LED bulbs last longer than other light sources, too. LED lights are used in everything from holiday lights, coach and shop lights, automotive headlights and other light applications.

The new WORX® 20V Multi-function LED Light features five functions including a flashlight, lantern, desk lamp with hi/lo settings, and flashing emergency light. As a flashlight, the 5.6 lb. (with battery) WORX 20V Multi-Function LED Light projects a beam of light that’s the equivalent of 130 lumens. The flashlight beam burns for 18 hours on a single charge of the 1.5 Ah battery.

When used as a lantern, the multi-function LED light telescopes and can be placed in a vertical position or angled right or left to 140º. The surrounding light is ideal for camping, working beneath sinks or in attics, crawl spaces, engine compartments, boat hulls and other sheltered areas. In this configuration, the lantern generates 480 lumens, producing light for up to eight hours.

The WORX Multi-Functional light also can be used as a desk lamp with Hi/Lo settings. By tilting the light 70º, it is ideal for deskside reading, working on a laptop or tablet, crafts projects and other detail work. On Hi, it generates 440 lumens and runs for up to seven hours. In the Lo setting, it projects 210 lumens and will run up to 18 hours.

In emergency mode, the Multifunction LED will blink on and off. The flashlight is in the vertical position and the LED is fully extended. This feature is useful in roadside emergencies or other applications to signal distress. In this function, the LED has 480 lumens and operates up to 12 hours.

The Multi-Function LED Light is constructed of high-impact plastic. A lanyard is included with the light. Moving from one function to another is managed by pressing the on/off button.

The 20V Multi-Functional LED Light is compatible with other WORX 20V l DIY and lawn and garden tools and is part of the WORX 20V Power Share program.

The WORX Multi-Function LED Light (WX027L, $69.99) includes one, 1.5 Ah 20V MAX Lithium battery and a 5-hour charger. The LED light is covered by the WORX three-year warranty. It’s available at worx.com.

The WORX 20V MAX Lithium-ion Worksite Light generates 1500 lumens, which is the equivalent of a 100 watt light bulb. It’s a substitute for the old incandescent trouble light and it burns cooler.

The cord free, go-anywhere 20V Worksite Light makes any project where light is needed easier. It weighs 5.6 lbs. with battery. A built-in hook can be used to hang the worksite light from the hood of a vehicle to see into an engine compartment, a closet rod to paint its interior, an I-beam in the basement when installing ceiling panels, and many more hook-hanging applications. The work light also can be mounted to a conventional tripod.

The portable LED work light is handy in basements, crawl spaces, attics and garages, behind appliances, camping, boating, RVing, outdoor projects and events, and other activities.

The worksite light is housed in a tubular frame with a rigid foot plate as its base. The frame incorporates a comfortable foam grip, which serves as a carrying handle. The high-performance, tempered-glass LED light’s frame rotates north to south 360º. The light powers on by a push-button on/off switch.

When using a WORX 1.5 Ah MAX Lithium battery, run time is approximately 90 minutes; with a 2 Ah battery, it’s two hours; and with the WORX 4.0 Ah battery, the light will operate up to four hours continuously.

The WORX 20V Lithium-ion Worksite Light (WX026L, $79.99) includes one 1.5 Ah battery and a 5-hour charger, It’s available at worx.com and Amazon. A tool only version (WX026L.9, $59.99) is available at worx.com. The worksite light is covered by the WORX three-year warranty.

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