Worm Gear Speed Reducers feature maintenance-free design.

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Available in single reduction ratios from 5 to 100:1 as well as double reductions, Blue Line Reducers feature aluminum heat sink that is adaptable and corrosion-resistant. Each unit starts as hollow output, with ability to add supplemental plug-in shaft, bolt-on output flange, or both to accommodate customer's requirements. Shaft-in, NEMA, and metric motor flange input styles are also available.

Original Press Release:

IPTS Introduces the Blue Line Worm Gear Speed Reducers

For nearly thirty years IPTS has provided cost effective gear reducer solutions for OEMs. We are widely known for our worm and helical gear reducers and our ability to make products to customer specifications which transverse a broad spectrum of mechanical applications. The Blue Line compliments our product offering with an aluminum heat sink design that is highly adaptable and corrosion resistant. They are maintenance free, available in sizes from quite small to quite large, and single and double reduction.

Each Blue Line gear reducer starts as a compact standard hollow output. A supplemental plug-in shaft, bolt on output flange, or both can be added to accommodate the customer's requirement. IPTS also has the ability to modify shaft dimensions to meet your specifications. We offer shaft-in, NEMA, and metric motor flange input styles. Single reduction ratios from 5 to 100:1 and double reductions are available as well.

IPTS gear reducers are in operation on machines that push, pull, place, lift, lower, locate, stack, turn, wrap... The Blue Line looks good, is durable and efficient, and offers our OEM customers an option for big cost savings. We are located in West Palm Beach and online at www.iptsinc.com. Our web site provides online gear reducer sizing, ordering, quote request, catalog information and 3D CAD downloads.

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