World's Largest Plant in Russia:Minimax Fire Protection for Wood Pellet Plants

Bad Oldesloe, 19.4.2011 - A pellet plant of completely new dimensions has been built in the seaport Vyborg: With a production capacity of approximately 900,000 t/a, corresponding to the production of 125 tonnes of wood pellets per hour, the wood pellet plant is the largest in the world. The international supplier of comprehensive fire protection, Minimax GmbH & Co. KG, provided tailor-made solutions and so ensures optimal fire protection for the risk areas of the pellets industry.

The new pellet plant is operated by the Russian cellulose and paper manufacturer "Vyborgskaja Cellulosa". The Andritz Feed & Biofuel, a company of the international Technology Group, which equips the production with wood debarking lines, a chip handling system, belt dryers, hammer mills and pellet mills, selected Minimax systems to provide fire protection for the systems.

In a wood pellet factory, almost the whole spectrum of modern fire protection equipment comes into use. If such equipment comes from one source, fewer interfaces are required, thus ensuring perfect installation and operation. The uniform operation of the fire protection systems also contributes considerably to increased safety in the plant.

The same applies to the Russian plant: In areas where the fine grinding is done and the pellet press lines, it is immensely importantly that an emerging fire is detected immediately and automatically, and extinguished before it spreads at lightning speed. Minimax supplied a system for the detection of sparks and hot parts with an extinguishing function for these areas. Moreover, the Minimax fire detection technology and the Minifog fine water spray technology will in future provide fire protection for the critical areas of the four gigantic double-storey belt dryers. Via a special nozzle, the water for fire fighting is finely sprayed also in rather inaccessible areas; at the same time the all-over surface of the fire-fighting water is multiplied through the fine spectrum of drops.
A combined fire detection control panel in the control room of the plant provides fully automated control and monitoring of the fire protection equipment.

Minimax has experience in the wood industry gained in many years and is a VdS approved installer for all areas - for combined water, spark or gas extinguishing systems as well as for fire detection systems. For and officially sanctioned operation, we provide the required approvals by the world's leading fire protection agencies, such as VdS or Factory Mutual, for the entire range of combined fire detection and extinguishing systems. Comprehensive fire protection from one single source.

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