World's First IQTransmitter with 40GHz RF Bandwidth for Advanced Data Formats to Be Launched at ECOC 2015

New innovations in modulator technology coupled with pattern independent Automatic Bias Control offer unmatched capability for single carrier Research and Development of high data-rates beyond 400Gbps

Valencia, Spain and Auckland, New Zealand - Coherent Solutions of Auckland, New Zealand today announced the launch of its 40GHz IQTransmitter (IQTX-40) at ECOC 2015 in Valencia, Spain.

The IQTX-40 is the first fully integrated laboratory optical transmitter with 40GHz of RF bandwidth enabling RD Engineers to generate coherent modulated signals at baud rate beyond 56GBaud.

The new IQTX-40 features a new Automatic Bias Control (ABC) that optimizes the performance of the modulator irrespective of the modulation format being used. Engineers can now seamlessly change modulation formats and baud rates without any concerns for maintaining the modulator's bias stability. The new ABC also provides unparalleled control, allowing the user to individually control the bias locations of all biases of the modulator, perfect for generating a wide variety of signals beyond coherent modulation.

As with all instruments available from Coherent Solutions, the IQTX-40 can be fully controlled remotely with SCPI/VXI11 commands making it easy to control from Matlab, Python, LabView or any other environment.

"Coherent Solutions is dedicated to providing the highest, most reliable performance and simple-to-use test instrumentation for optical communications RD," said Andy Stevens, CEO of Coherent Solutions. "Our new IQTransmitter enables researchers and engineers to generate coherent modulated optical signals with unmatched bandwidth, quality, and stability of data rates beyond 400Gbps."

The IQTX-40 is commercially available immediately. It is available in multiple configurations, including full-dual polarization, emulated dual polarization and single polarization.

The new IQTransmitter will be demonstrated on the Teledyne LeCroy stand 548 at ECOC 2015 exhibition, 27 September-1 October 2015, Valencia, Spain.

Please contact to arrange a live demonstration.

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