World's First Cloud-Based Wireless ECG - SPYDER Achieves CE Certification

SINGAPORE -- WEB Biotechnology Pte Ltd (, which makes the world's first cloud-based continuous ECG monitor called the Spyder, has achieved CE certification for its ECG monitoring solution. The company, which is based in Singapore, makes a revolutionary wireless ECG monitoring system meant to replace traditional hospital remote monitoring systems such as the Holter ECG, which are wired recorders. These are bulky and limited to a maximum of 48 hours of monitoring because they cannot be self-administered.

The 48g Spyder employs a leadless sensor, attached directly to the chest and employs a wireless paired smartphone to display the ECG and to transmit signals to a secured cloud server. The inconspicuous sensor allows continuous monitoring for up to 3 days on a single charge, increasing the sensitivity of detection of abnormal heart rhythms. In trial test in Singapore, patients have worn the system for up to 2 weeks at a time. For patients, the ability to move about, even travel across borders with the system, is now a reality.

The commonest use of the Spyder system would be in diagnosis of symptoms such as palpitations, where abnormal beats or rhythms may be missed if a shorter period of monitoring is employed. Data is transferred wirelessly to a cloud server where algorithms are employed to screen the data. Physicians can access this data through a secure web-based interface and analyze rhythms from Spyder units under their purview. Traditional hospital systems require patients to return the recorders first for data to be downloaded but as Spyder transmits ECG continuously, data analysis can begin while the patient still has the Spyder on.

As the cloud-based solution works in any smart-phone data-enabled location, worldwide remote ECG monitoring is now feasible. A patient, for example, can be in London and his physician can access his ECG from Hong Kong! The Spyder ECG is currently available in Singapore and Malaysia and the company is looking to expand its distribution network to Europe and the Asia Pacific.

Media contact: Dr Philip Wong

Designation: Founder and Medical Director

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