World-Class Companies Claim 5S Red Tags Help Achieve Operational Excellence and 5S Red Tags Are Now Being Offered through Creative Safety Supply

5S Red Tags is a simple solution to eliminate waste and improve organization.

Being competitive can mean facing some tough challenges with how a business functions. Prices are too low and costs are too high. Companies strive to reduce costs, improve technology, and some even reduce headcount to become operationally successful. Company costs may come in the form of defects and waste. Production output does not meet its potential due to crew-to-crew variations, utilization suffers because product changeovers take too long, or an important part cannot be found, so another is rushed in. Companies attempt to improve through following different lean programs but too many fail because process improvements often backslide, continuous improvement becomes a phase, or the methods aren't institutionalized.

However, some companies beat the odds and foster strong, positive cultures by implementing the method of 5S. 5S is a visually-oriented system of cleanliness, organization, and arrangement designed to facilitate greater productivity, safety, and quality. It engages all employees and is a foundation for more self-discipline on the job for better work and better products. Creative Safety Supply is now offering 5S Red Tags that will easily designate and distinguish items that need to be moved, scrapped, shredded, etc. The tags make it easy to stay organized throughout the red tag process and the bright red tags are easily visible, allowing items to be quickly identified as tagged items.

5S Red Tags are the solution for organizing items which is a key element of 5S programs. The red tags are used to identify the unneeded items to be moved to a holding area where they can be disposed of either by transferring to a department that needs them, selling them, or discarding them. A plant manager commented, "The 5S Red Tags has been life saver with achieving our goal of becoming more organized and reducing unwanted waste."

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