Workstations are built to user requirements.

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Basic NlC 12A workstations are 6U high and provide the following: 250-nit, 12.1 in. TFT LCD monitor; 2 USB ports; external floppy; CD-ROM; 5.25 in. bay; and internal 3.5 in. bay. Users choose 1U keyboard or touchscreen, appropriate CPU, and speed. Various A/D, D/A, DIO, communications, and motion-control boards are available to be included in motherboard or backplane. Drive bays can be filled with any of 70 available drives.

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Design Your Own Rack-Mount Workstation

Industrial PC applications are diverse and demanding, so CyberResearch® provides a framework-you pick the guts to meet your special needs. NlC 12A workstations are 6U high, with a 250-nit 12.1" TFT LCD monitor, 2 USB ports, external floppy, CD-ROM, 5.25" bay, and an internal 3.5" bay. The rest is up to you.

NIC 12A workstations are custom-configured to meet your particular needs. Start by choosing a 1U keyboard or a touchscreen. Then pick an appropriate CPU and speed. If you don't want more than 6 auxiliary boards, put your CPU on a motherboard. If you need more boards, put your processor on a CPU card and use a backplane with up to 14 slots-including as many as 9 ISA slots.

CyberResearch, Inc. carries a complete line of A/D, D/A, DIO, communications, and motion-control boards. Put any combination into the motherboard or backplane you like best.

Then fill your drive bays with any combination of 70 different drives. Pick IDE or SCSI interfaces, choose hard drives, CD-ROM, CD-RW, CD-ROM/DVD, and removable Zip drives, at capacities up to 180 GB or higher. If shock and vibration are a concern, consider one of 26 solid-state memory modules.

In addition to custom rack-mount workstations - now shipping from stock - CyberResearch, Inc., also offers panel-mount and desktop PCs, as well as data-acquisition and motion-control systems. For more information on our products, call Joe Tetreault at 800-341-2525, or visit

To request a free copy of the PC Systems Handbook for Scientists and Engineers, call 1-800-341-2525 or e-mail Outside of the U.S. please call 203-483-8815 or fax 203-483-9024.

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