Workstation Laser marks large or heavy components.

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VectorMark® Workstation VWS 1200 safely marks a part's work area up to 15.7 x 23.6 x 15.7 in. as well as parts lying side-by-side. It incorporates NC x- and z-axes to adjust for different workpiece heights and depths. Optional y-axis is available to adjust for different workpiece widths. Features include industrial-grade welded construction and capability to automatically move laser and workpiece in x, y, and z directions.

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New TRUMPF VectorMark Workstation 1200 Laser Marks Larger and Heavy Workpieces

FARMINGTON, Conn., March 26, 2004 -- The new TRUMPF VectorMark(r) Workstation 1200 safely laser marks larger workpieces. Despite its compact size, the workstation can handle big, heavy parts as well as a large number of parts lying side-by-side. The VectorMark Workstation VWS 1200 incorporates numerically-controlled x- and z-axes to adjust for different workpiece heights and depths. An optional y-axis is also available to adjust for different workpiece widths.

"The new VectorMark Workstation 1200 expanding the range of workstations for TRUMPF laser marking systems and was created to mark especially large or heavy components," said Tim Edwards, laser marking systems product manager. "Due to its dimensions, this workstation offers a wide range of possibilities for marking components with the accuracy of a laser. It is also well-suited for efficient laser marking of parts that are presented in large trays."

As with all TRUMPF work systems, the new workstation integrates all necessary functions in a compact unit. It has a numerically-controlled z-axis for adjusting the focus position to different workpiece heights. Additionally, the new VectorMark Workstation 1200 has the capability of automatically moving both the laser and the workpiece in the x, y and z directions. The laser can mark anywhere on a part's work area of 15.7 inches high by 23.6 inches wide by 15.7 inches deep. All workstations include an integrated fume and particle exhaust system with both a HEPA type particulate filter and an activated carbon filter.

The industrial-grade welded construction of the workstation can be accessed through a folding motorized front door. CDRH Class 1 laser protection is guaranteed during the marking process for maximum safety.

A full range of beam sources from TRUMPF's compact and VectorMark impact marking lasers are available for this and other TRUMPF workstations. All of the marking lasers are fully compatible in terms of mechanics, software and operation.

In the VectorMark product family, a wide variety of different applications can be met in fine graduated scales. Lasers with varying power levels can adequately respond to cycle time requirements. A choice of three available wavelengths (1064, 532 and 355 nm) enables the user to take advantage of the optimal physical effect depending on the material. And finally, various laser crystals (YAG and YVO4) open up a broad range of pulse peak powers and pulse repetition rates.

"VectorMark marking lasers are suitable for marking a wide variety of workpiece shapes and materials," adds Edwards. "Even the most hard-to-reach places on metals, plastics and ceramics can be marked permanently with extreme resistance to abrasion. The laser is easy to program, which means that texts, serial numbers, data matrix and barcodes, logos and graphics can be applied with flexibility."

TRUMPF is one of the world's largest producers of fabricating machinery and a world market leader in lasers used for industrial production technology. Additional company information is available at:

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