Workstation Helps Bring a "Stamp of Quality" to Powertrain Manufacturer

Creform workstation brings the components for a quality check right to a manufacturer's stamping operation 

It's all about saving. Saving cost. Saving time. Saving steps. And most importantly, saving the potential for errors. That's what one manufacturer considered when they invested in a quality—both figuratively and literally—workstation from Creform.

The company uses the workstation for quality checks and the fulfillment of paperwork right at its stamping machines. Right near the point where a quality check makes the most sense and can have the greatest impact.

For this particular application, the workstation has a load capacity of 250 lb. and comes with a ½ in. thick black plastic work surface to hold all the necessary parts, gages and paperwork. An overhead 4 ft. light provides the illumination for all inspections. A unique feature of the workstation is a shelf within the structure that provides a place for a computer, while the accompanying monitor, whose platform is built off the same side as the computer, is in an elevated position for ease of review and good visibility. The keyboard can be placed on the work surface or on a pull out drawer below.

Above the work surface is a panel that can be used for document presentation and includes a convenient Creform flat pipe to hold clip-on plastic bins. The workstation can be configured as a stand-up or sit-down station.

Secured to the workstation's legs is a hydraulic cylinder (Ergo Lift) to allow for height adjustment to optimize the ergonomics for each associate. A simple hand crank lowers and raises the station with little effort. The Ergo Lift has a l000 lb. capacity and a 12 in. stroke.

Designed for both warehouses and manufacturing operations, the workstation can be configured as mobile or stationary. The station shown is on wheels and when equipped, each of the four wheels has a four inch swivel caster for easy rolling and positioning. Further the station can be ESD for anti-static applications.

The inspection workstation can be configured to a wide range of width, depth and height dimensions with the Creform system of pipe and joints, as well as a variety of colors. The structure shown is 48" W x 28" D x 68" H.

Accessories for the inspection workstation include information sheet holders, label holders, tool storage, power distribution strip and hooks for hanging tools and supplies.

The Creform System is used to create an array of material handling and efficiency enhancing devices and is a proven component in continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing programs. The company partners with customers in developing and implementing these programs.           

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