Workflow Automation System manages and tracks I.V. doses.

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Managing all doses electronically in real-time, IntelliFlowRx(TM) I.V. Room Workflow Manager ensures that every dose is continuously visible, accounted for, and traceable. It streamlines all dose compounding and checking processes, utilizing high-resolution digital photography, standard PCs, and touchscreen workstations integrated via secure backend database. It also provides high-resolution imaging and barcode scanning verification to optimize I.V. room workflow.

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ForHealth Technologies Inc. Announces IntelliFlowRx(TM) - World's First I.V. Room Workflow Manager for Hospital Pharmacies

IntelliFlowRx(TM) saves Pharmacists' and I.V. Technicians' time, reduces drug waste, improves patient safety and regulatory compliance

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., Nov. 27 / / -- ForHealth Technologies Inc., a recognized innovator in automation systems for hospital pharmacies, today announced the world's first workflow automation system for the I.V. room: IntelliFlowRx(TM) I.V. Room Workflow Manager. The first product to bring the benefits of workflow automation technology to the I.V. room, IntelliFlowRx manages and tracks every I.V. dose. Complete visibility of every dose eliminates one of the most common causes of lost doses, missed doses, expensive dose 're-makes', and time consuming searches for missing doses, while streamlining all dose compounding and checking processes. Using IntelliFlowRx, pharmacists and I.V. room technicians are better able to focus on patient care and safety, while hospitals save money through reduction in drug waste, elimination of disruptions to search for doses, and improved overall I.V. room efficiency.

"IntelliFlowRx is the first new technology to impact the entire I.V. room in more than a decade and the first product ever that takes a completely fresh look at how I.V. rooms operate," said Dennis Tribble, Pharm.D., Chief Technology Officer, ForHealth Technologies Inc. "IntelliFlowRx applies modern workflow automation technology to the complete compounding process in the I.V. room. IntelliFlowRx enables pharmacists and technicians to work far more efficiently while generating direct savings by reducing drug waste due to lost and remade doses."

Today, dose preparation in I.V. rooms is driven by stacks of printed dose labels -- one I.V. room may handle hundreds to thousands of printed dose labels each day. Manual dose management - including sorting, distributing, and managing dose delivery via stacks of paper labels -- not only costs considerable time and money, but creates the potential for errors that often delay delivery of urgently needed medications and require duplicates of missing doses to be compounded -- wasting expensive drugs and pharmacy staff time.

Designed with extensive input from hospital pharmacists, IntelliFlowRx manages all doses electronically in real time and ensures that every dose is continuously visible, accounted for and traceable. IntelliFlowRx eliminates enormous quantities of work and time spent using, tracking, matching and searching for printed dose labels -- in addition to eliminating one of the most common causes of expensive dose remakes.

I.V. dose compounding using IntelliFlowRx utilizes a unique combination of highly-refined workflow automation software, high-resolution digital photography, standard PCs, and touchscreen workstations integrated via a secure backend database. IntelliFlowRx's unique combination of high-resolution imaging and barcode scanning verification allows work in the I.V. room to be streamlined and workflow optimized.

Prior to IntelliFlowRx, pharmacists had no option but to frequently enter the I.V. room to inspect doses throughout their preparation, and I.V. room technicians were forced to stop work and await these inspections. Using IntelliFlowRx, dose inspection can be done remotely -- from anywhere on the hospital's secure intranet -- and technicians can perform their work without interruption.

"The enthusiasm from our customers and prospects who have advised us on the design of IntelliFlowRx has been unmatched. No More Missing Doses! No More Gowning Up to go into the I.V. Room to Check Doses!" said Steve Thomas, ForHealth's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "Our pay-as-you-go business model lets every hospital in the USA justify this break-through service in 2008! Further, our introductory offer at $.10 a dose is a no- brainer -- but it's only valid until April 2, 2008 -- and we will raise prices significantly thereafter. We think IntelliFlowRx is true innovation for the I.V. Room, which is why the team at ForHealth Technologies comes to work every day."

IntelliFlowRx uses standard PCs and peripherals, existing hospital network infrastructure, and the power of the Internet to bring the full benefit of automated workflow management to the I.V. room within the hospital pharmacy.

Availability: IntelliFlowRx will be demonstrated to the public for the first time at the American Society of Hospital Pharmacist's Midyear Clinical Meeting, in Las Vegas, December 2-6, 2007 as a part of ForHealth Technologies' "Blueprint for your I.V. Room's Future" display in booth 2651. The IntelliFlowRx I.V. Room Workflow Manager service is planned for first production availability in April 2008.

Price: IntelliFlowRx I.V. Room Workflow Manager will only be offered as a network service. IntelliFlowRx I.V. Room Workflow Manager services will be available until April 2, 2008 at an introductory price of $.10/dose with no additional fees or long-term commitments of any kind.

Additional information on IntelliFlowRx will be available at ForHealth Technologies website -- -- and by contacting ForHealth sales at 888-434-8462.

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Founded in 1998, ForHealth Technologies delivers 21st century technology combined with professional support to uniquely enable hospital pharmacies to stay ahead of the growing challenges faced in preparing injectable medications. ForHealth Technologies solutions deliver quantum-leap improvements in key I.V. room performance metrics: accuracy, patient safety, clinician safety, speed, cost reduction, and regulatory compliance. ForHealth Technologies: Innovating for Your I.V. Room's Future(TM)

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