Work Management Software integrates with MS Project Server 2010.

Press Release Summary:

WorkEngine with Project Server Application leverages capabilities of Microsoft Project Server 2010, such as portfolio management and schedule management, and extends same value-driven concepts to all areas of business within one centralized platform. Directly accessible from Project Web App interface, teams can share all work assignments, priorities, and critical dates with effective collaboration tool to increase communication and productivity across project.

Original Press Release:

EPM Live Announces Enhanced Microsoft Project Server 2010 Integration Extending Microsoft Project Server to a Comprehensive Enterprise Work Management Platform

CARLSBAD, Calif. -- EPM Live, a global leader in Enterprise SharePoint Project, Portfolio and Work Management applications, announced today WorkEngine's enhanced Microsoft Project Server 2010 Integration that allows users to get more out of their Microsoft Enterprise Project Management solution.

Microsoft Project Server 2010 is a powerful application that many organizations have adopted and deployed to centralize and manage their project schedules. It has a robust database back-end that allows for storing enterprise resources, field attributes, field calculations, and more. WorkEngine's Project Server Application was designed to leverage the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Project Server 2010 such as portfolio management and schedule management and extend the same value-driven concepts to all areas of your business whether it be traditional projects or the other work that surrounds them, all within one centralized platform. WorkEngine customers make the most of their investment by extending their Microsoft Project Server 2010 application to manage more than just the tasks and schedules of their projects and programs, and deploy Project Server to a broader audience within their organization.

By connecting WorkEngine to the Project Server platform, organizations take advantage of all the features Microsoft Project Server offers and tie it together nicely with a flexible SharePoint solution that enables them to manage their entire project. Maximize your return on investment and reduce cost and risk with minimal disruption to your existing processes by leveraging pre-configured SharePoint project templates that best suit your project and work management need. Project Managers continue to use Microsoft Project Professional and Microsoft Project Web App without any new training or change to their process. Directly accessible from your Project Web App (PWA) interface, teams can share all work assignments, priorities, and critical dates with an effective and easy to use collaboration tool, to increase communication and productivity across your project. WorkEngine enables organizations to work better together and allows Microsoft Project Server to reach a broader audience and meet the needs of the entire project team.

In addition, different types of departments may manage their projects with varying methodologies. Using WorkEngine pre-built site templates, organizations accelerate their Project Server deployments and augment Project Server's enterprise project types, allowing them to scale to enterprise wide deployments. For example, Software Development Department may use SCRUM methodology whereas the Program Office Department uses PMBOK.

WorkEngine allows you to truly understand and manage all the work around a project. By connecting Project Server with WorkEngine organizations have the ability to manage all the activities involved with managing a project. Each project workspace comes complete with pre-built templates and a rich set of features and capabilities to help your teams effectively monitor, manage, control and execute on all critical business items such as projects, issues, changes, and everyday work actions that impact your projects bottom line. Team members can easily view and update all their activities across projects within one view. Functional managers finally have the visibility to what their resources are working on - all activities, not just the assignments within the Microsoft Project schedule. Work better together with Project Server and WorkEngine. Microsoft Project Server enhancements include:

Project Management:

-- Ability to manage different meta data (outline codes) for different projects based on the project workspace template
-- Publish Project Web App schedules to a SharePoint list in the Project Workspace
-- Publish Microsoft Project schedules to a SharePoint list in the Project Workspace

Resource Management:

-- Build SharePoint Workflows on Resource Work and Assignments (including Project Server assignments)
-- Printable Resource Management Reports (including Project Server assignments)
-- Resource What-If Modeling on All Work (including Project Server assignments)

Work Management:

-- Rollup All My Work in a single list (including Project Server assignments)
-- Add any SharePoint Work List to Project Workspace (Issues, Bugs, Actions, Defects, Changes, Service Request, etc...)

Time Management:

-- Report Time using Work Log feature (including Project Server assignments)
-- Report Time on any work item (including Project Server assignments)


-- Take scheduled snap shots for trend reporting
-- Leverage Silverlight Chart Web Parts for graphical chart reporting
-- Leverage WorkEngine's pre-built SSRS Reporting templates
-- All Data resides in SharePoint Content DB (Project data, Assignments, Issues, Risks, Bugs, Changes, Actions, etc.)


-- Publish multiple projects from Project Server into a single Project Workspace (Programs or Portfolios Workspaces)
-- Site hierarchy flexibility (Department - Portfolio - Program - Project - Sub Project Workspaces)

Cross Platform Support:

-- View Project Server data in Non IE browsers
- Firefox 3.X or higher
- Safari 3.X or higher
-- View Project Server data on both PC or MAC computers

EPM Live will continue to provide cutting-edge, cost effective project and work management solutions leveraging the Microsoft technologies organizations already own to increase the value of their current IT investments. EPM Live's applications support the entire work and project management lifecycle and provide the necessary efficiencies and indicators for companies to improve their ROI, streamline their business processes and make critical business decisions. EPM Live offers its clients solutions that possess the flexibility and scalability to meet specific industry and methodology needs. These innovative solutions include capabilities such as Portfolio Management, Project Management, Cost Management, Time Management, Resource Management, Service Management, Agile Management, Business Intelligence and Collaboration. These capabilities are all designed to work together or separately to meet any business specific need.

About EPM Live

EPM Live provides Microsoft SharePoint-based Enterprise Project, Portfolio and Work Management Solutions to help your business improve productivity. EPM Live's product offerings are helping over 5,000 organizations simplify and become more effective at delivering projects successfully, optimizing resource utilization, and selecting the right work for the most profitable portfolio. EPM Live offers online and on premise Enterprise Project, Portfolio and Work management tools for everyone in your organization from individual contributors to executive management. Designed with usability in mind, EPM Live creates efficiencies and empowers resources to work smart and get more work done.

About WorkEngine

WorkEngine is a SharePoint-based Enterprise Project and Work management solution that helps organizations increase productivity by improving visibility, execution and collaboration on all types of work. WorkEngine is a single solution that unites all users across your business by providing a common framework for Enterprise Project Management, New Product Development, Application Management and Service Management. WorkEngine automates your processes by leveraging key capabilities to help you effectively organize all your work including the management of tasks, schedules, resources, costs, time and other business critical functions. WorkEngine helps you reduce costs and maximize resources by offering pre-built solution templates to bring all work into one centralized location, potentially eliminating the need for disparate work specific platforms.

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