Woodwork Dust Containment at Schools and Colleges

Due to a call from industry to upskill staff to counter a drop in qualified tradespeople, woodworking departments at TAFEs and schools have seen machinery stocks increase in recent years.

Hence general upgrades are considered imminent to ensure air quality in the room for students, and it's in this area that air filtration and environmental control specialist, Donaldson Australasia, has been active.

In one recent TAFE project, Donaldson replaced an existing dust extraction system with its latest patented Unimaster technology, capable of extracting at a rate of 750 litres a second and disposing into an 80 litre bin the potentially harmful dust and other particles produced during woodwork processes. A 5.5kW fan system installed has an acoustic diffuser to achieve quiet operation.

The system extracts all but the very large wood chunks left over during cutting machinery processes.

It is not unusual for the common TAFE or school workshop to be equipped with a list of machines including a wood lathe, drop saw, sanding disc and linisher, spindle moulder, band saw, power saw, drill, and portable tools for bench work.

At this particular TAFE, Donaldson linked every one of these woodworking machines to the Unimaster using about 60 metres of 150mm ducting so at no time do the students need to concern themselves with operating the extraction system.

As soon as the lecturer turns on the Unimaster operating system, extraction takes place at every machine.

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