Woodbridge Develops Unique ComfortSense(TM) Technology Providing Customized Luxurious Feel for Automotive Seats

DETROIT, Jan. 16 / / -- The Woodbridge Group(R) is excited to offer ComfortSense, Textured Surface Technology, a patent pending new approach, to deliver customized luxurious "Showroom Comfort." The ComfortSense one step, polyurethane seat cushion manufacturing process offers several performance advantages.

According to Martin Mazza, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Global Sales, "ComfortSense technology is a revolutionary way to deliver the key comfort performance deliverables, at a lower cost than traditional methods. We are now integrating ComfortSense textures on the polyurethane foam's surface, to fine-tune and maximize seat comfort performance like never before. With 5 validated textures, we continue to work with customers to meet their specific objectives. Several customers are now working with us to integrate this comfort innovation and in fact, a European OEM will be utilizing this unique approach, to deliver a plush feel for the seats of an upcoming model to be announced later this year."

Edgardo Sanmiguel, ComfortSense Project Leader, says, "Woodbridge is engaging its customers more creatively with this technology. We are helping our customers develop, validate and manufacture seats to their design philosophy more precisely. ComfortSense prototypes accurately demonstrate production part performance, allowing faster and more cost effective seat system development. Combining several patented manufacturing processes with this pioneering technology, Woodbridge is in a unique position to offer its customers this one-step manufacturing, luxurious touch option, and new levels of seat comfort performance."

ComfortSense technology offers an array of advantages including; Superior Luxurious Initial Feel, Improved Body Weight Distribution Control, Targeted Multiple Firmness Zones, Engineered Repeatability, Improved Dimensional Stability and Superior Craftsmanship. Development is currently underway to expand applications to include integrated venting channels for ComfortSense Heating and Cooling. Working in partnership with its customers, Woodbridge delivers ComfortSense Textured Surface Technology, providing cost effective tactile response control, for any desired comfort target.

The Woodbridge Group is a Canadian company with 63 facilities operating in 21 countries, and is a global leader in the development and production of polyurethane products. Automotive applications include components for seating, structural support, occupant protection, headliner systems and acoustical management, as well as a full range of value added services including engineering and design, supply chain management, assembly, sequencing and JIT delivery solutions. For more information, visit www.woodbridgegroup.com

(R) are registered trademarks and TM are trademarks of Woodbridge Foam Corporation and are also denoted in bold type.

Source: The Woodbridge Group

CONTACT: Tom Justrich, Director, Global Marketing, +1-905-896-3626, thomas_justrich@woodbridgegroup.com

Web site: www.woodbridgegroup.com/

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