Wood Turning Provider Overhauls Processes and Secondary Services

Maine based wood products provider H.A. Stiles has recently overhauled processes and secondary services to offer customers in various industries a greater variety of wood turnings.

Westbrook, ME - H.A. Stiles, a Maine based provider of wood turnings and other wood products, has recently added to existing infrastructure while also expanding the company's ability to provide advanced manufacturing and secondary services for wood turnings frequently used around the world.

For H.A. Stiles, modern equipment and manufacturing processes have hardly undermined the usefulness of wood. As Steve Parrish, Vice President of H.A. Stiles explains, "If anything, it's opened new doors for wood products like turnings. As the technology to produce wood turnings continues to expand, the number of applications turnings are used for is expanding as well. With CNC technology available to us we can provide everything from standard turnings to wood turnings in irregular sizes. CNC turnings are cost effective in smaller run sizes by eliminating the need for expensive tooling and offers incredible versatility."

By also offering more finishing services to customers, Parrish believes that H.A. Stiles is poised to be the go-to source for wood turnings required by manufacturers ranging from furniture, tools, sporting goods, toys, exterior balusters, columns and many more. Finishing services available for wood turnings from H.A. Stiles now include tumble finishing, dip finishing, spray finishing, pad printing, screen printing, branding, and laser engraving.

According to Parrish, the company - now in its 101st year- has continued to add to the variety of wood turnings, processes and services it offers in an effort to continually expand on what wood turnings are capable of as a product. "Everything seems like it's plastic these days, but that's not entirely true. In our industry, we've learned that wood is here to stay and it's in products everywhere. In many cases, wood turnings are almost always preferable to plastic alternatives simply for their quality, strength, and aesthetic appeal."

With all of the technology that H.A. Stiles takes advantage of and a growing list of secondary services like printing and laser engraving, Parrish and other representatives at the company are positive that wood turnings will continue to be a timeless piece of hardware for all kinds of businesses, industries, and applications.

In addition to expanding on what is capable when it comes to wood turnings and the technology used to deliver them, Parrish also explains that H.A. Stiles has been optimized to accommodate a wide variety of production scenarios. "Why have the ability to provide wood turnings to customers from all of these industries if we can't meet their production requirements?"

About H.A. Stiles

H.A. Stiles was established in 1911 as a wood product supplier for both the industrial and consumer sectors by Harry Stiles, in Massachusetts. Since then, H.A. Stiles has been a nationwide supplier of wood components ranging from wood turnings and dowels to flatwork, boxes, and more. For more information, contact H.A. Stiles at 207.854.8458 or visit www.hastiles.com

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