Wood's Powr-Grip® to Attend GlassBuild America 2006

August 15, 2006-Wood's Powr-Grip Co. Inc., a leading U.S. manufacturer of vacuum lifting equipment, will be attending GlassBuild America 2006 in Las Vegas, NV. The exhibit will feature a diverse selection of Wood's Powr-Grip Vacuum Lifting Equipment including the following:

o The MR411LAC, Manual Rotator, with 700 lbs capacity, is an economical vacuum lifter for production line use. It permits easy access to the glass for rotation, while also supplying adequate leverage for precise glass positioning. This lifter features manual 360° rotation with automatic locking at the quarter points. Hardened steel rotation wear plates provide years of smooth, dependable service.

o The MRTA611LDC, Quadra-Tilt Lifter, offers 1100 lbs of powerful lifting capacity. It features 360° manual rotation and a unique, four-bar tilt mechanism that radically reduces the effort needed for tilting glass 90° between the upright and flat positions.(Re)movable vacuum pads and extension arms allow for numerous configurations of the vacuum pads, to accommodate a wide variety of glass sizes and shapes. This vacuum lifter also comes standard with Powr-Grip's Dual Vacuum System, designed to reduce the risk of falling glass. Operating the vacuum lifter from cranes, forklifts or overhead hoist systems is easy with cord-free DC power.

o The MRTA4LP6FACS, Quadra-Tilt Rotator, is another lifter within the Wood's Powr-Grip Quadra-Tilt series. The Quadra-Tilt design reduces the effort of tilting loads between flat and upright positions. Hazards associated with lifting loads from upright racks are reduced because this tilter maintains the load position automatically, without the need for latches. "Kick back" at the operator's knees is thereby eliminated. This lifter is available with 4 or 6 pads, in capacities of 200 or 300 lbs, respectively. The lifter also features multi-position arms that accommodate a variety of load sizes and shapes. Holes or defects in the load surface are easily avoided because vacuum pads can attach to virtually any location on the load.

o The MTA6LP6FAIR, Quadra-Tilt Lifter, with 300 lbs capacity, is effective at handling windows and doors. Mechanically assisted, manual 90° tilt reduces operator effort while multi-position arms for vacuum pads provide versatility. The variable pad spread permits vacuum pads to attach in any number of locations on the glass. In addition to handling a variety of glass sizes and shapes, the vacuum pads can be positioned to avoid window mullions or similar obstructions on the load surface. Glass stays in the upright position automatically or tilts to the flat position with minimal operator effort, due to the unique, four-bar tilt mechanism.

o The P11104DCS, Channel Lifter, is a modular, single-channel vacuum lifter. It offers 700 lbs of lifting capacity and is expandable to meet a variety of glass handling needs. On-board DC power permits cord-free use of the vacuum lifter with cranes, forklifts or floor hoists. Wood's Powr-Grip will be exhibiting the P11104DCS equipped with the Remote Control System and Dual Vacuum System. The Remote Control System allows operators to release the load from remote locations, as may be required for multi-story installations. The dual vacuum system features two vacuum line circuits, allowing the lifter to maintain the vacuum level for one circuit even if an unexpected vacuum loss occurs in the other one.

o The STT1, Stowaway Tilt Table, is a full-size, 500 lb capacity, glass cutting table that folds to a compact profile, when not in use. Base legs fold up and lock in place, allowing it to pass through a standard doorway, remain in storage against walls, or fit in the back of a pickup truck for transport to a job site. A unique tilt design allows the pivot point to float forward as the table lifts, providing nearly effortless manual tilt. Roller toes, which flip out of the way when not in use, allow end loading from vertical glass racks when the table is upright. High-strength construction gives durability without excess weight. A special table surface reduces vacuum stick.

Wood's Powr-Grip has manufactured vacuum lifting equipment for over forty years and its operations are located in Laurel, MT, U.S.A. Its vacuum lifting products are sold through a network of dealers and distributors on both a national and international level, many of whom will also be attending Glass Build America 2006.

Company Name:
Wood's Powr-Grip Co., Inc.
Address 1: 908 West Main
Phone: 800-548-7341
URL: www.powrgrip.com

Contact Name: Joe Landsverk
Title: Marketing Director
E-mail: powrgripinfo@powrgrip.com

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