Wood Free Crating Systems Inc.Receives Second Patent for J Crate Design

WoodFree Crating Systems, a part of Packaging and Crating Technologies, Inc (PACT), has been granted its second patent #7,849,663 for the J Crate design. The design enables machinery to be packed and unpacked very quickly utilizing 100% recyclable heavy duty corrugated materials. The design is typically 30% of the weight of a wooden crate.

The other patents pending involve a unique skid design that uses no softwood or lumber and yet is quite durable, reusable, and can hold thousands of pounds.

The combination of both technologies that inherently provides both a 50% reduction in vibration and increased shock protection that greatly reduces inner packaging costs used in wooden crates.

PACT patented products offer sustainable, green alternatives; replacing wood crating with patented corrugated designs (WoodFree Crating(TM), packing and export services), paper for plastic in bubble (PleatWrap), and turning a plain box into a fully cushioned shipping container (Suspension Packaging). WoodFree Custom Crating offers designs for household, industrial and commercial use. The J Crates offer compact storage systems that assemble into sturdy crating solutions. The WoodFree Pallet Systems offer a light weight durable pallet solution

The WoodFree Crating designs are being used in the aerospace, medical, chemical, moving and storage, museums and many other industries as well.
Patents #7,484,623 with other patents pending

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