Wolfspeed Makes Top 2015 Microwave and RF Products List

Wolfspeed, A Cree Company and a leading global supplier of GaN-on-SiC high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) and monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) with best-in-class reliability, has earned a spot on Microwave RF's "Top Products of 2015" list for its Ku-Band GaN MMIC high power amplifiers (HPAs). Designed for satellite communications (satcom) applications, the Ku-Band HPAs were recognized (alongside a brief mention of Wolfspeed's several other 2015 GaN product introductions) for continuing to challenge old-guard traveling wave tube (TWT) technology.

According to the Microwaves RF editors who hand-selected this year's honorees, the 12 RF and microwave products that made their top 2015 list exemplify an increasingly wireless future, exhibit innovation without extravagance, and demonstrate new performance levels that are both affordable and reliable.

"Designed in response to customer requests for higher power and higher efficiency Ku-Band amplifier solutions, our 25- and 30-watt Ku-Band GaN MMIC HPAs deliver higher power, gain, and efficiency than competing technologies at an affordable price point, which we believe will set the new standard for Ku-Band performance," said Jim Milligan, director, RF, Wolfspeed.

Wolfspeed's impedance-matched 30W GaN MMIC HPA, one of the two Wolfspeed™ devices specifically recognized on this year's top products list, was introduced to the market as the highest power Ku-Band MMIC available, and continues to provide the highest combination of power, gain, and efficiency. Supplied as a bare die capable of 30W output power from 13.5–14.5GHz, the CMPA1D1E030D GaN MMIC HPA allows the satcom industry to achieve higher power, significantly more efficient Ku-Band solutions than the incumbent TWT or gallium arsenide (GaAs) solutions utilized today, as does the second Wolfspeed device on the list, the CMPA1D1E025F, which is supplied in a compact (25mm x 9.6mm), 10-lead, metal/ceramic flanged package and is capable of 25W output power from 13.75–14.5GHz.

Both of Wolfspeed's 50Ù Ku-Band MMIC HPAs operate at 40V VDD and deliver satcom measured performance of 20dB linear gain at 42dBm average output power while maintaining linearity under the -33dBc OQPSK signal, and with adjacent channel power at a drain efficiency of 20%. The Ku-Band GaN MMIC HPAs also deliver wider bandwidth performance and higher breakdown voltage, power density, and thermal conductivity than comparable silicon (Si), GaAs, or GaN-on-Si transistors.

GaN-on-SiC substrates support wide bandgap RF operation and exhibit the proven inherent thermal advantages of SiC versus traditional silicon (Si) substrates. GaN-on-SiC technology also delivers high efficiency, which significantly reduces the amount of energy that is dissipated as heat, and high power density, which allows smaller transistors to provide the same output power as larger ones based on Si and other comparable technologies. These benefits directly translate into smaller heat sinks, PCBs, and power amplifier (PA) enclosures, which lowers the total overall bill of materials (BOM) cost. Further, unlike TWT amplifiers (TWTAs), GaN solid-state PAs (SSPAs) do not require high voltage (kV) power supplies, which are prone to failure. As such, they deliver longer lifetimes than TWTAs. Systems employing GaN SSPAs also deliver extended detection ranges and improved target discrimination, in addition to near-instant-on capabilities, eliminating the warm-up time required by TWTAs.

For more information about Wolfspeed's innovative GaN MMIC HPAs for Ku-Band applications, please click on one of the product numbers to access product datasheets, sales terms, and related technical papers and articles. For more information about Wolfspeed's RF components, please visit http://www.wolfspeed.com/rf or contact Ryan Baker, marketing manager and North American sales manager, Wolfspeed, at ryan.baker@wolfspeed.com or 919-407-7816. For more information about Microwaves & RF's "Top Products of 2015," please visit http://mwrf.com/systems/top-microwave-rf-products-2015.

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