WMS Software features vendor score carding.

Press Release Summary:

With Advanced Warehouse Management System v12, users can score-card vendor responses and develop short list. Program includes 1,400 detailed questions, each with pop-up box that further explains question in detail. Score card calculates and shows side-by-side comparisons and weighted scoring by question. Management summary with visual charts is provided as well as 2 scored summaries to show summarized weighted totals.

Original Press Release:

New Warehouse Management System RFP with Vendor Score Carding

Industrial Data & Information, Inc. announces version 12 of the Advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) RFP product. One can score card the vendor responses, rapidly develop a short list, and save significant money by avoiding exploratory learning trips.

New Version 12 has 1,400 detailed questions! Each question has a pop-up box that further explains the question in detail.

Vendor Score Card is a vendor evaluation Score Card! Score card calculates & shows side-by-side comparisons and weighted scoring by question. Two scored summaries are also provided to show summarized weighted totals. Management summary with visual charts are included.

The Advanced WMS RFP has 1,400 detailed questions on:
- Security
- Costs
- International Issues
- Configurability Issues
- Supply Chain Event Management
- Databases & Operating Systems
- Extensive Product Setup
- Receiving, Putaway
- Picking, Packing, Shipping
- Cycle Counting
- Interleaving
- Advanced Warehouse Functionality
- Bin Locator System
- EDI Transactions
- XML Transactions
- Host Interface
- RFID Functions
- Web Enablement
- Product Allocation Strategies
- Lot Control Issues
- Serial Control Issues
- Error Analysis
- Routing Issues
- Management Reporting
- Dock Appointment
- RF Task Management
- Inbound Task Workflow Configurability
- Outbound Task Workflow Configurability
- Inventory Allocation Methods
- Picking Strategies
- Functions for Web Enablement
- Manufacturing Line
- Work In Process (WIP)
- Return Processing
- Damaged Goods Control
- MSDS & CERT Questions
- Value Added Services
- Order Entry Functions
- Web Catalog
- Shopping Cart
- Payment Options
- Stock Ownership
- 3PL Customer Preferences
- 3PL Billing Options
- 3PL Customer Reporting & Data Transfer
- 3PL Profit & Loss Computations

Score Card
The Advanced WMS RFP includes an Advanced WMS Score Card, where you can take the answers from the software vendors and drop them into the Score Card. The Scorecard will save you 2 to 3 days of time by itself. It provides a side-by-side analysis with weighted scores and two weighted summary analysis.

The Vendor Evaluation Score Card is an important tool to rapidly evaluate solutions. The scorecard is only available with the Advanced WMS RFP.

Philip Obal, President of Industrial Data & Information, says, "Most warehouse operations are NOT simple. If you have sophisticated warehousing operations, -or- have 3PL operations that serves a multitude of customers, then obtain the Advanced WMS RFP. The complicated warehousing operation and the sophistication of 3PL issues are precisely targeted by this product. "

Single copies of the Advanced WMS RFP are $1095 USD. For more details, see www.idii.com/wmsrfi.htm. The publisher is Industrial Data & Information, Inc.

Special advanced bundled package includes (1) copy of Advanced WMS RFP, (3) copies of "Selecting Warehouse Software from WMS and ERP Providers " report, and (1) copy of Premier List of Warehousing Software Directory for $1295 US. To order see www.idii.com/orderform.htm

About Industrial Data & Information, Inc. (IDII)
Industrial Data & Information, Inc. is a independent research consulting company that assists companies in selecting and implementing software solutions. IDII is focused on the supply-chain and has expertise in software evaluation, selection, and implementation. IDII also produces tools for software selection projects in WMS, TMS, and ERP. For more information on IDII, visit our web site at www.idii.com or contact IDII at 918-292-8785 or e-mail at info@idii.com.

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