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Advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) RFI v6 speeds up software selection process by asking questions about warehousing issues and scoring vendor responses. It has 900 questions and scorecard that holds up to 7 side-by-side vendor responses. Scorecard provides analysis with weighted scores and 2 weighted summary analyses. Full Question Text function prints full text of all questions. This assists selection team in reviewing questions.

Original Press Release:

New Advanced Warehouse Management System RFP is Delivered with New Time Saving Features - Saves WEEKS of Time in Software Selection

Industrial Data & Information, Inc. (IDII) announces the major new version 6.0 of the Advanced Version of their Warehouse Management System (WMS) RFI product. It is designed to rapidly speed up the WMS software selection process significantly.

New Version 6 has 900 detailed questions! New features include 100 new questions in manufacturing, RF task management, and many other areas. New features also include Full Question Text and Scorecard.

New Full Question Text permits easy printing of the full text of all questions, including the pop-up text. This greatly assists the selection team in reviewing questions and weighting them.

New SCORECARD assists in saving days of time by assisting you in building a ScoreCard FAST! Scorecard permits side-by-side comparisons and weighted scoring by question. Two summaries are also provided to show weighted summary totals.

The Advanced WMS RFI is an exhaustive set of warehousing issues and has 900 detailed questions on:
* General Questions on Databases, Security, Cost, International
* Issues
* Receiving, Putaway
* Picking, Packing, Shipping
* Cycle Counting
* Interleaving
* Advanced Warehouse Functionality
* Bin Locator System
* EDI * Host Interface
* Web Enablement
* Lot Control Issues
* Serial Control Issues
* Error Analysis
* Routing Issues
* Management Reporting
* Dock Appointment
* RF Task Management
* Inventory Allocation Methods
* Picking Strategies
* Functions for Web Enablement
* Stock Ownership
* Storage & Task Charge Computations
* Customer Reporting
* Manufacturing Line
* Work In Process (WIP)
* Return Processing
* Damaged Goods Control
* MSDS & CERT Questions
* Value Added Services

FULL QUESTION TEXT (NEW) - To assist the selection team, we have provided a new feature, the Full Question Text. One may print this off easily and have the selection team review questions.

SCORECARD (NEW) - The Advanced WMS RFI includes an Advanced WMS Scorecard, where you can take the answers from the software vendors and drop them into the Scorecard. The Scorecard will save you 2 to 3 days of time. Our scorecard currently holds up to seven side-by-side vendor responses. It provides a side-by-side analysis with weighted scores and two weighted summary analysis.

The Scorecard is an important tool to rapidly evaluate solutions. The scorecard is only available with the Advanced WMS RFI. For more information, see www.idii.com/wmsrfi.htm which has screen snapshots and more details on the Scorecard as well.

Philip Obal, President of Industrial Data & Information, says, "Use a strong set of detailed questions early on and a company can save significant time and money in the selection of a WMS product. By leveraging the answers of accurately worded questions, one can filter out the weaker solutions and have finalists that have strong software solutions that meet your needs." Single copies of the Advanced WMS RFI on computer media are $1195 US. The publisher is Industrial Data & Information, Inc. Current customers may upgrade to version 6 for $300 US.

Special advanced bundled package includes (1) copy of Advanced WMS RFI, (3) copies of "What to Look for in Warehouse Management System Software" report, and (1) copy of Warehouse & Logistics Software Directory for $1495 US.

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