With the Industry's Only Turret with a Built-In Motor(TM), the NL Series of CNC Lathes Reaches 5000 Units Shipped

On November 1, 2006, Mori Seiki's NL Series, which was released in June 2004 and which features
the only Turret with a built-in motor(TM) in the industry, passed 5000 units shipped. To reach this mark in
only 2 years is an incredible achievement.

By placing the motor inside the turret, the NL Series minimizes the heat and vibration which spread
over a wide area from the many parts which transmitted the drive power in the milling structure of
conventional lathes, such as gears, belts, etc. It was announced in June 2004, as a revolutionary
lathe equipped with the Turret with a built-in motor(TM), which improves transmission efficiency and
dramatically increases machining accuracy and cutting power.

These results are not only because the Turret with a built-in motor(TM) offers outstanding accuracy and
cutting power, with 4 times the machining ability and only 1/10 the heat and vibration of conventional
turrets. They are also because customers recognized that the NL Series' performance was a
generation ahead of its time in all the areas demanded of a machine tool, from high speed and ease of
use and maintenance to expandability and eco-friendliness.

At the initial launch 30 models were released simultaneously, and it was a big hit in 2005, with 200
units shipped every month. Then in February 2006 we added two new variations to the NL3000,
machines with distances between centers of 2,000 mm and 3,000 mm, in response to requests from
customers in industries with long workpieces, such as printing and construction and electrical
machinery. Now we have achieved a Series which is even capable of machining long, large-diameter
workpieces, with a rich line-up of 36 variations to suit the exact needs of all our customers.

At JIMTOF2006, we will display an NL2500 equipped with our new thermal displacement control function. Please watch out for future developments in the NL Series.

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