Wisconsin Oven Ships Top Flow Conveyor Oven to Manufacturer In Machinery Industry

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of one (1) Electrically Heated Top Flow Conveyor Oven to a global manufacturer in the machinery industry. The oven will be used for curing “CPIG” material on plastic housings for electronic components.

The conveyor oven has a maximum oven operating temperature of 200°C and work chamber dimensions of 2’4” wide x 21’0" long x 9" high. The oven features a continuous chain style conveyor system.

This top flow conveyor oven has sufficient capacity to heat 1,000 pounds of steel and 600 pounds of plastic per hour from 21° to 150°C. To maximize heating rates and temperature uniformity of the product, top-down airflow was featured in this conveyor oven.

“This oven was a duplicate to a previous oven that this customer purchased for the same application, curing plastic housings for electronic components.” – Gary Hanson, Senior Application Engineer

Unique features of this industrial conveyor oven include:

  • 8,600 CFM @ 10 HP recirculation blower
  • 72 kW heat input with SSR power control
  • 400 CFM @ ½ HP exhaust blower
  • Adjustable sheet metal profile doors at both ends above the conveyor
  • Tongue & groove panel assemblies
  • Digital Eurotherm 3504 temperature controller
  • Digital Watlow PM6L oven high limit controller (with manual reset)
  • Continuous chain style conveyor system
  • 300 parts per hour production rate
  • Sufficient capability to heat 1,000 lbs per hour of steel and 600 lbs of plastic

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