Wisconsin Oven Ships Ferris Wheel Batch Oven to Aerospace Industry

Wisconsin Oven Corporation is pleased to announce the international shipment of an Electrically Heated Heavy Duty Ferris Wheel Batch Oven to the aerospace industry. This Ferris Wheel oven will be used to cure epoxy resins & varnishes on assorted aerospace parts

The maximum operating temperature is 500°F and the work chamber dimensions are 3’4” W x 3’6” L X 3’6” H. Temperature uniformity was documented at ±2° F at 100° F; ±4° F at 200° F; ±6° F at 300° F; ±8° F at 400° F; ±10° F at 500° F in an empty oven chamber under static operating conditions with a ten point profile test.

The design capacity of the Ferris Wheel Batch Oven, when the configuration of the workload is such that it is capable of absorbing the heat, has sufficient capability to heat 200 pounds of product to the customer’s specified temperature range within two hours. The body of the oven is constructed with Wisconsin Oven Corporation’s patented, high efficiency panel seams. This includes a 20 gauge carbon steel exterior and a 20 gauge aluminized steel interior.

 “This Ferris Wheel Batch Oven is similar to previous batch oven supplied to this customer with a few modifications. The Ferris Wheel inside the oven chamber will run continuously to process the product load. It is 34” in diameter and contains twenty rotating spindles for part rotation.”- Tom Trueman, Senior Applications Engineer

Unique features of this Ferris Wheel batch oven include:

  • Low conductivity tongue and groove panel assemblies on the oven shell
  • Door limit switch to prevent the main Ferris Wheel from rotating when a door is open
  • Heated by incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements for a total of 72 kW
  • 3,400 CFM belt-driven recirculation blower, complete with 3 HP motor
  • Designed for 0.63 gallons per batch of solvent at 500°F
  • 900 CFM exhaust blower at 2.25” SP, including a 1.5 HP motor and V-belt drive

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