Wisconsin Oven Awarded Patent for Seat Dewrinkling Method and Oven

On March 27th 2007, Wisconsin Infrared Systems' parent company, Wisconsin Oven Corporation, was awarded patent # 7,197,239, "Seat Dewrinkling Method and Apparatus" for their infrared seat ovens. Seat manufacturers use infrared seat dewrinkling ovens to remove wrinkles from upholstery materials on automobile seats and other vehicles. The process of sewing material on automobile seats leaves several wrinkles in the material. By applying heat to the material the fabric relaxes and the end result is a much more contoured finish.

Traditional seat dewrinkling systems have used a flat infrared heater configuration mounted at an angle, as shown in Figure 1. This design creates areas that are under-heated while others are over-heated.

In Wisconsin Infrared Systems' unique design, the heater configuration is contoured to the shape of the seat, as shown in Figure 2. Medium-wavelength infrared heaters are preferred because they provide better heat penetration and use less energy than short-wave heaters. This design provides outstanding temperature uniformity throughout the entire seat. Seat manufacturers have appreciated the excellent performance of the Wisconsin Infrared Systems' Dewrinkling ovens and as a result Wisconsin Oven has become a leader in the industry.

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