Wiring Devices meet needs of heavy industrial applications.

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Engineered to withstand rigorous environments and harsh industrial applications, Rhino-Hide® heavy industrial series wiring devices include single pole, NEMA, and multi-pin connectors. Rhino-Hide Single Pole Connectors provide temporary electrical power distribution; submersible Rhino-Hide NEMA Wiring Devices feature threaded couplings and anti-corrosive coatings; and Rhino-Hide Multi-Pin Connectors, designed for power and control connections, facilitate engagement/disengagement.

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Leviton Introduces New Rhino-Hide® Line of Connector Solutions for Heavy Industrial Application

Single Pole, NEMA and Multi-Pin Connectors provide innovative solutions for oil and gas and other harsh industrial applications

MELVILLE, N.Y. -- Leviton today introduced the new Rhino-Hide® line of heavy industrial series wiring devices, engineered to withstand the most rigorous environments and harshest industrial applications. The new products encompass a variety of solutions including single pole, NEMA and multi-pin connectors.

--  Rhino-Hide® Single Pole Connectors: Serve the purpose of providing temporary electrical power distribution in a variety of applications. The 15/16/18 Series Single Pole Cam Connectors are used in outdoor and indoor applications requiring current carrying capacity of up to 400 amps. The 17/19/22/23 Series Industrial Cam Connectors are most commonly used in shore power and backup power applications requiring up to 690 amps. The 49 Series Single Pole High-Amperage Connectors are ideal for land-based oil drilling rigs and other high-amp power distribution applications requiring a current carrying capacity up to 1135 amps. All Rhino-Hide® Connectors are color-coded, which allow for quick and visual identification of the circuit and phase connections, with a metal in-line coupler to prevent the separation of the connectors. Superior construction materials and ease of assembly and installation make these the connectors of choice for any temporary power distribution application.

--  Rhino-Hide® NEMA Wiring Devices: Suitable for use in rough service environments, such as marine and offshore, mining and drilling and food processing applications. The submersible devices have the highest watertight rating in the industry and feature threaded couplings for high-vibration or extreme stress environments in addition to anti-corrosive coatings for extreme weather resistance and high temperature and high pressure washdown resistance. The receptacle offers many features including a standard FS/FD mount, stainless steel hardware for maximum integrity, nickel-plated brass electrical contacts for superior electrical performance and wire pigtails for simplified installation. Additionally, the plug/connector offers a high-performance TPV body capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, machined aluminum threaded components for superior corrosion and abrasion resistance, an industry exclusive variable adjust watertight strain relief system and a tethered connector cover for superior strength.

--  Rhino-Hide® Multi-Pin Connectors: Designed for power and control connections throughout oil and gas drilling rigs, including top drives, SCR houses, instrumentation and control systems. The connectors allow for ease of engagement and disengagement, the housing of different types of contacts, a wide range of allowable contact voltages and currents, ease of environmental sealing and rugged mechanical performance. The black nickel plating provides superior corrosion resistance and conductivity, better grounding and shielding and reduces the chances of dangerous electrical current buildup on the connector shell.

"The Rhino-Hide® line contains a complete set of products that addresses the power distribution needs of the heavy industrial sector," said Michael Mattei, VP/GM for Leviton's Commercial and Industrial Business Unit. "Customers in this sector requiring high-quality and durable connections can rely on our heritage of delivering clean power, safely and reliably when downtime is not an option."

Leviton's Rhino-Hide® line of heavy industrial series devices is now available. To learn more about the line, please visit www.leviton.com/rhino-hide.

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