Wirestrap ... Peel-N-Stick Wire Fastener

Argent International, Inc. has been supplying its patented Wirestrap, peel-n-stick wire fasteners to original equipment manufacturers for over 12 years. They are now making them available to the general industrial, wholesale and retail markets.

Wirestrap provides an extremely simple way to fasten lightweight, typically low-voltage wires and cables without the need for mechanical fasteners like clips, clamps or screws. It combines the simplicity of peel-n-stick with the strength of high-tensile polyester, offering a fastening method that's as effortless to use as a piece of tape. Wirestrap's high-performance acrylic adhesive sticks tenaciously to almost any surface and will work in environments up to 180°F, making it an ideal fastening solution for home use, specialty trade and industrial applications. Wirestrap is available in recloseable bags of 25 and handy boxes of 400 for commercial / industrial use.

For ordering and additional information please visit www.wirestrap.com

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