Wireless Teach Pendant utilizes Bluetooth® technology.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring ergonomic single joystick, Wenzel HT400RC provides hand strap, belt clip, and magnetic holder options to eliminate risk of accidental pendant damage from drops off CMM table. Joy-Mouse(TM) eliminates keyboard interaction and offers machine and part joystick operation with full speed control. Along with wireless antenna and emergency stop switch, pendant provides mode indicator, CNC speed potentiometer, individual axis locks, and function keys.

Original Press Release:

Xspect Solutions Introduces New Wireless Teach Pendant for CMMs

Now available with all new Wenzel CMMs, OpenDMIS(TM) retrofit CMMS, or with Xspect Xsperienced CMMs.

Teach pendants for CMMs have remained relatively unchanged for years and years. That is until now. Xspect Solutions has introduced the new Wenzel HT400RC, the first wireless Teach Pendant that utilizes Bluetooth® technology.

"Ask any video gamer", says Keith Mills, Xspect Solutions president, "They know the importance of pendant ergonomics and that's why the gaming industry consistently improves pendant functionality and ergonomics. Now we have too!"

The Wenzel HT400RC represents true state-of-the-art pendant technology that was ergonomically researched to include the kinds of practical features that are typically not found on traditional CMM pendants.

The HT400 pendant has a hand strap, belt clip and magnetic holder to provide options for the user to help eliminate the risk of accidental pendant damage from dropping it or knocking it off the CMM table. The unit has an ergonomically-designed single joystick that enhances CMM productivity. Its weight and balance is ideally matched for its application.

The Joy-Mouse(TM) eliminates the tedious keyboard interaction necessary with conventional CMM teach pendants and offers both machine and part joystick operation with full speed control.

Unique wireless teach pendant features include:
· A wireless antenna
· An emergency stop switch
· A mode indicator
· CMM axis rotation, allowing operator to move around CMM
· A servo Power-On key preventing misuse
· A CNC Speed Potentiometer
· A rechargeable battery indicator
· The Joy-Mouse(TM) software control via joystick includes mouse licks functions
· Individual Axis Locks
· Programmable fast and slow mode key for joystick and CNC
· Function keys for Probe Index, Go-To and Point Record

Wenzel GmbH is the 4th largest CMM builder in the world and builds their CMMs intrinsically accurate, negating the need for the huge error compensation files to achieve quoted accuracies which have become the norm in past years from most CMM manufacturers. Wenzel is represented in North American by Wixom, Michigan-based Xspect Solutions, Inc.

Send all Inquiries To:
Keith Mills, Xspect Solutions, Inc.
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