Wireless Sensor helps detect motion in cleared rooms.

Press Release Summary:

Used by law enforcement personnel, MicroDetector(TM) Personal Motion Detector 1 monitors cleared rooms via motion-sensing device and off-premise receiver. Motion-sensing device provides signal to monitoring devices like PDAs, in-car PCs, or pagers, notifying tactical operations officers if anyone or anything enters cleared space. It has 25 ft omni-directional range, enabling one unit to cover most standard-sized rooms. Unit weighs 8 oz, and is 4.5 in. in dia and 1.5 in. thick.

Original Press Release:

Police Officer's Safety Improved Exponentially with Launch of UltraVision's MicroDetector at IACP, New Orleans, Oct. 13-17, 2007

Increased police officer's safety is now available with MicroDetector, the world's first motion-sensing device that allows monitoring via an off-premise receiver.

New Orleans, LA, October 15, 2007 -- UltraVision announces availability and demonstrations of the MicroDetector(TM), the world's first motion-sensing device that is portable, rechargeable and retrievable and allows monitoring via an off-premise receiver. See it in action in New Orleans at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference, October 13-17, 2007, booth # 4603.

UltraVision joins ADS, a leader in tactical and special operations equipment, on the show floor to demonstrate the MicroDetector. Called "the force multiplier" by law enforcement professionals, the unit effectively eliminates the need for tactical operations officers to remain in "cleared" rooms. Instead, the MicroDetector is left behind in a cleared area. Should anyone or anything enter the cleared space, the device provides a signal to monitoring devices like PDAs, in-car PCs or pagers, notifying law enforcement personnel of the change. The unit has a 25', omni-directional range, enabling one unit to cover most standard-sized rooms.

Resembling a hockey-puck, the MicroDetector(TM) Personal Motion Detector 1 (MicroDetector(TM) PMD-1) weighs just 8 ounces and is only 4.5" in diameter and 1.5" thick, enabling the deployment of multiple units in larger areas. The device uses microwave technology to perform instantaneous motion sensing operations in the field, with no prior setup or installation. These in-field benefits provide law enforcement agencies with force multiplication in tactical field operations, maximizing the safety of law enforcement personnel and the public they protect.

Says Bill Lozon, vice president, sales and marketing for UltraVision, "Much too often, police, SWAT teams and other law enforcement agencies have to leave valuable personnel behind, often alone, to monitor cleared rooms. This can be a costly and dangerous proposition. We're proud to offer the MicroDetector to improve officer safety and give law enforcement agencies greater efficiencies so that they may focus on active protection efforts."

Effective use of the MicroDetector(TM) PMD-1 takes virtually no training; the user simply turns the device on. An On-Off in the middle of the motion sensor allows for one-handed operation, a huge benefit to law enforcement personnel. Once deployed, each MicroDetector(TM), via its wireless transmitter, returns a "Motion detected? Yes/No" indication back to a PDA or laptop computer. Operations center officers can then alert in-field personnel that the situation in a cleared area has changed.

The MicroDetector is also useful in stakeout support, hostage applications and in military units needing to establish protective base perimeters that can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes.

About UltraVision
UltraVision Security Systems, Inc., www.ultravisionsecurity.com , is a Salem, NH, U.S.-based company that delivers proven, effective implementation of ultra wideband (UWB) and microwave technologies law enforcement, security and life-safety products. With the addition of leading technologists to the UltraVision team, the company developed the MicroDetector(TM), using microwave technology to provide law enforcement with advanced portable motion-sensing capabilities. The company's products are unique, offering improvements in motion resolution, enhanced distance measurements and greater obstacle penetration capabilities. Capitalizing on technology developed by the world leader in ground penetrating radar, Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc., the company currently offers two ultra wideband technology product lines: LifeLocator(TM) rescue products and UltraSensor(TM) motion-and-intrusion detection products.

Website: www.ultravisionsecurity.com

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