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Empowering non-technical end-users to conduct self-installations, NexConnect SOHO and Business Class Wireless 3G/4G Routers come with NexWare I3 GUI(TM) firmware that displays auto-configuration results of Internet cellular WAN connections. Operation is facilitated via iconic images on dashboard and intuitive structure with logical menu flow. For MSPs, firmware decreases customer service expense by eliminating coordination with wireline technicians and minimizing installation time.

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NexAira Announces NexWare I3 GUI(TM), First-Ever 3G/4G Firmware to Empower Non-Technical Users

Iconic and Automated Interface Enables Self-Installation by End-Users, Decreases Customer Service Costs and Headaches for Service Providers

SAN DIEGO, March 2 -- NexAira, Inc., the defining provider of 3G/4G wireless data solutions and services, today announced the availability of the NexWare I3 GUI(TM) firmware for its NexConnect SOHO and Business Class Wireless 3G/4G Routers, the first-ever iconic edge routers to empower non-technical end-users to conduct self-installations.

The NexWare I3 GUI's unique Iconic, Intuitive, Interactive Graphical User Interface displays auto-configuration results of Internet cellular WAN connections, which decreases customer service and maintenance costs for service providers and managed virtual network operators (MVNOs), while providing a user-friendly experience for enterprises and small office/home office (SOHO) customers.

"NexAira's wireless solutions eliminate our dependence on networking or IT professionals for connectivity and allow us to focus on our business," said Fred Downey, franchise owner of 13 SUBWAY(R) Restaurants in the San Diego region. "NexAira's NexConnect 3G/4G Routers with the NexWare I3 GUI make it simple to set-up and maintain Internet connections for our point of sale, back-office operations and camera/video security surveillance."

NexWare's Gadgets on the desktop provide end-users with instant knowledge of their Internet status and performance, improving the user experience and reducing service provider intervention and support costs. The NexWare I3 GUI provides other uniquely valuable features and benefits for end-users, including:

-- Iconic images on the dashboard -- Improves customer confidence, ease of use, retention and use of router tools.

-- Intuitive structure with simple and logical menu flow -- Accelerates customer understanding of router functions and minimizes apprehension.

-- Interactive and automated set-up wizard -- Displays results of auto-configuration of 3G WAN connections and provides responsive functional tool tips, which minimizes user frustration and reduces product returns.

For managed service providers, the NexWare I3 GUI decreases customer service costs by eliminating the coordination with wireline technicians and shrinking installation time, thus enabling quicker service with less intrusion on business activity. The NexWare I3 GUI provides other features and benefits for business customers, including:

-- The most advanced wireless features and performance in the industry such as auto-configuration and self-provisioning. Moreover, NexWare's proprietary tuning algorithm optimizes cellular bandwidth making it easy for end-users to take advantage of broadband speeds without delays, costs or complexities associated with wireline installs. Universal Plug in Play (UPnP) WAN automatically connects any 3G data card to any cellular network.

-- Enterprise-grade networking management and security capabilities include auto-failover to a 3G wireless network to backup the primary wireline network. Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) eliminates single point of failure by providing redundancy for the wireline network and router. VPN IPSec pass-through and termination protocols provide business class security. Wi-Fi scheduling and QOS provide the ability to segregate critical applications to ensure service quality.

-- Revenue-generating carrier customization services such as special configuration, branding, quantities and fulfillment enable MVNOs, service providers and Tier 2 and 3 carriers to differentiate and extend their brands, increase sales and accelerate deployment of mobile and fixed data devices and applications.

"NexAira's NexWare I3 GUI delivers breakthrough simplicity in setting-up wireless connections to the Internet providing the industry's first iconic router," said Rusty Wright, Vice President of Product and Marketing, NexAira, Inc. "We designed the I3 GUI for the end-user to minimize their apprehension and maximize their understanding of Internet connections, allowing for quick and easy self-installations anywhere cellular connectivity is available."

NexAira's wireless data solutions are ideal for enterprise network redundancy, point of sale, kiosks, digital signage, security surveillance and an array of vertical applications in markets such as retail, construction and manufacturing. The company's solutions have been utilized in more than 175,000 wireless broadband data devices deployed by more than 750 carriers, service providers and other customers worldwide.

For a demo of the NexWare I3 GUI firmware or more information about NexAira's NexConnect routers or other wireless data solutions, please visit http://nexaira.com/.

About NexAira

NexAira, Inc. is a defining provider of wireless 3G/4G data solutions. It enables mobile operators, enterprises and home office users to expeditiously connect to, maintain and manage high-speed data connections rivaling traditional landline connectivity, with unmatched functionality, speed to market and ease of use. NexAira's wireless broadband data solutions combine an intuitive user interface with advanced firmware, middleware and management solutions, which ensure that users always benefit from the industry's most advanced features and functionality. NexAira's customized networking devices are simple to install, yet provide the advanced management capabilities demanded by the most sophisticated users.

Founded in 2005, NexAira is a privately-held, venture-capital financed company headquartered in San Diego with offices in Atlanta, Kansas City, Seattle and Vancouver.

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