Wireless RF Switch/Receiver lends to building automation.

Press Release Summary:

Easyfit(TM) eliminates need to string power cable from switch to light fixture, enabling placement of on/off control switches anywhere in room up to 100 ft away (extendable with repeaters). Able to run one or whole set of lights on same circuit, product manages loads up to 1000 W and has maintenance-free design rated for 20 years under normal conditions. It can be networked, multipoint-to-multipoint, and mounts to any surface via screw-plate, glue, or double-sided tape.

Original Press Release:

New Wireless, Batteryless EnOcean Easyfit(TM) Set Brings Flexibility to Home & Building Automation

Boston MA, January 4th 2006 - EnOcean, global pioneer in energy-harvesting wireless technologies, introduces its Easyfit radio frequency (RF) light switch and receiver set. The product eliminates the need to string power cable from the switch to the light fixture, allowing electricians to locate on/off control switches anywhere in the room. EnOcean's third wireless innovation to be released to the U.S. market, Easyfit significantly reduces both installation time and cost.

"For new construction, builders save considerable time and cost by eliminating down-wall wiring for light switches. Homeowners gain flexibility to locate or relocate switches anywhere they want; not only where the electrician thought they should be," says Jim O'Callaghan, Vice President of EnOcean's U.S. Branch. "For remodeling, now there's no need to fish wires behind walls, or to plaster and paint over retrofits. Users simply connect the receiver to the fixture, and the control system is ready."

Easyfit can run one or a whole set of lights on the same circuit. The product is extremely versatile-it will equip incandescent lights, fluorescent lights, ceiling fans, motors, pumps, or any other on/off circuit. A single switch set can manage loads of up to 1000 watts. What's more, it requires no maintenance-ever. The system is rated for 20 years' use under normal conditions.

Entire Easyfit systems can be networked, multipoint-to-multipoint. One switch can control many receivers, or one receiver can be controlled by up to 30 receivers. Each switch contains a unique ID code that is learned by the receiver, so it's possible to co-locate dozens of systems side by side. The networking setup is stored even in the event of a power outage.

"Easyfit goes even further to set a new standard in fundamental home automation," continues Mr. O'Callaghan. "Every switch can control every receiver within the home, enabling scene control and all-off functions for a fraction of the cost of traditional automation systems and without a complex central control station. While most users will install the switch in traditional wall- or table-mounts to control lighting, Easyfit can also be set up to suit disabled or otherwise immobile users."

Easyfit can be applied to any surface, including wood, sheetrock, stone, even glass. The switch is mounted via screw-plate, glue or simple double-sided tape.

The technology behind Easyfit's convenience is its energy-conversion system. A single press of the tactile switch generates enough energy to wirelessly send a signal to a remote light fixture up to 100 feet away-even through walls. Use of repeaters will extend coverage through larger homes and buildings. The secret to its efficiency is its signal duration: the entire on/off control transmission is initiated, undertaken and completed in approximately 1/1000 of a second.

To assure dependable communication, Easyfit's suite of sophisticated RF protocols includes multiple broadcasts, fast data rates, error detection and unique addressing. It uses a different frequency than other household electronics, rendering it immune to interference from cordless phones, WLANs, garage door openers, or other popular remote controls.

To simplify the OEMs development of their wireless network, EnOcean provides a family of receivers and transceiver/repeaters compatible with all of its own switch and sensor modules. Easyfit is available from EnOcean Inc. and North American distributors. The proprietary radio technology is approved for use in Europe (ETSI), US (FCC) and Canada (IC).

About EnOcean www.enocean.com

Headquartered in Oberhaching, near Munich, EnOcean GmbH was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from Siemens AG. Investors include 3i, BayTech Venture Capital, SAM Private Equity, Siemens Venture Capital, and Wellington Partners. The company's groundbreaking technology enables wireless sensors and switches that operate without batteries or external power sources. These self-powered modules convert process energy from light, push-buttons, vibration, or temperature gradients into useable electrical energy. The company's advanced power management architecture enables the operation of sensors and radios off miniscule amounts of available energy. End products "enabled by EnOcean - no batteries, no wires" are employed in a diverse range of market segments, e.g. building automation, industrial manufacturing, security and automotive technology. Approximately 100,000 EnOcean sensors and switches are deployed.

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