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ZigBee® compatible, 2.4 GHz, ISM, PAN4561 uses FreeScale 8 bit GT60 processor, and has 55 pins for accessing full functionality of MC13213 SOC. With maximum transmit power of 20 dBm and receive sensitivity of -105 dBm, it offers link margin of 125 dBm. Model PAN4566 features FreeScale 32 bit ARM7 processor, and with maximum transmit power of 20 dBm, programmable over 30 dB range and receive sensitivity of -112 dBm, RF module offers link margin of 132 dBm.

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Panasonic Announces Long Range Additions to Its Zigbee® Compatible Wireless RF Module Line

Panasonic PAN4561 and PAN4566 Break New Ground In Wireless Range and Efficiency

SECAUCUS, NJ (January 20, 2009) - Panasonic Electronic Components Group, a business unit of Panasonic Industrial Company (PIC), announced today two NEW additions to their line of ZigBee® compatible wireless RF modules. Both the extended range PAN4561 and ultra-long range PAN4566 RF modules will offer one of the best ranges for their respective classes increasing the range of the device up to several thousand feet in optimal conditions.

The Panasonic PAN4561 and PAN4566 are powerful, highly flexible, efficient solutions for a variety of wireless applications including:

o remote monitoring and control of industrial systems
o building / home automation and motor / lighting control
o asset management
o monitoring (environmental, medical patient and fitness)
o residential, commercial and industrial automatic meter reading (AMR)

The PAN4561 is an extended range 2.4 GHz, ISM, ZigBee® compatible RF module which uses the same FreeScale eight-bit GT60 processor found in Panasonic's highly popular standard-range PAN4555 Series making the two RF modules application compatible. The PAN4561 has 55 pins allowing access to the full functionality of the MC13213 SOC. Low noise and power amplifiers have been added to the PAN4561 to deliver extended range. With a maximum transmit power of 20dbm and receive sensitivity of -105dbm, this RF module offers a link margin of 125dbm - one of the best ranges in its class.

The PAN4566 is a long range, high performance 2.4 GHz, ISM, ZigBee® compatible RF module which employs a FreeScale 32 bit ARM7 processor. The RF front end consists of a power amplifier and low-noise amplifier that delivers the maximum range currently available. With a maximum transmit power of 20dbm programmable over a 30db range and receive sensitivity of -112dbm, this RF module offers a link margin of 132dbm - again, one of the best ranges in its class.

If the extra range were not enough, Panasonic designed the PAN4561 and PAN4566 RF modules to have one of the smallest footprints in their class. These small, flexible, long range modules include microcontrollers, reference oscillators and a complete 802.15.4 physical layer modem, designed for IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standard. Both modules offer three antenna options - ceramic antenna, SMD pad output and a UF.L connector.

For increased flexibility, all Panasonic RF modules may be purchased with or without network firmware. Several network stacks are also available from Panasonic including an easily implemented AT command stack and highly flexible scripting language available via partnerships with Synapse and E-SENZA.

"Panasonic is an industry leader in developing long range RF modules with footprints twenty to forty percent smaller than our competitors and the introduction of the PAN4561 and PAN4566 truly underscores Panasonic's drive to lead the industry with cutting edge, best-in-class RF module solutions," said Richard Trueman, Senior Product Manager, Panasonic Industrial Company. "The 4561 and 4566 ZigBee® compatible RF modules break new ground in range and efficiency and broaden the horizons for a wide variety of industries looking to create wireless solutions in their respective markets."

For technical specifications on the PAN4561 and PAN 4566 and to learn more about Panasonic's RF modules visit http://www.panasonic.com/rfmodules.

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