Wireless Remote I/O Connects with Any PLC or HMI

Ottawa, IL - Cost and convenience are the two biggest advantages of going wireless over wired. Now B&B Electronics gives you even more.

"Any supervisory control or data monitoring system includes hard-to-wire sensors," states Mike Fahrion, B&B Electronics' Director of Engineering. "They're either hard to reach or in a demanding industrial location where wiring won't survive. Those inputs are typically left unmonitored, limiting the effectiveness of the system, or are frequent maintenance hassles causing missed data and service calls to replace damaged wiring. Wireless remote I/O's are the solution for those I/O points.

Zlinx wireless remote I/O's from B&B Electronics are the reliable, easy-to-install answer to reach even the most remote sensors. Simply install a pair of Zlinx I/O nodes and your remote analog and digital sensor values will be replicated on the local node, integrating seamlessly with your existing control system, with no software changes.

Or, use the Wireless Modbus mode to wirelessly connect many sensors to your system. The wireless I/O maps directly into your Modbus table, making it an easy fit to any PLC, HMI or PC based control system running Labview LabVIEWor other popular automation software.

New Zlinx wireless modules from B&B Electronics provide Modbus compatible communication at ranges up to 20 miles. Cabling alone will cost as much as a set of these new Zlinx wireless modules. For applications up to 2500 feet (762 meters) line of sight, wireless module with 2.4 GHz 100 mW radio is available for less that $200. For ranges up to 20 miles (40 kilometers) line of sight, a unit with a 900 mHz, 1 W radio is less than $450.

Rugged cases and proven circuitry protect in temperatures from -30 to 75 C. Fail-safe systems hold values in case of loss of communications. An event/alarm recorder time stamps any problem for fast analysis.

Zlinx Modbus-compatible wireless modules are engineered and assembled by B&B Electronics, Ottawa, IL USA. For details, visit www.bb-elec.com or phone 1 800 346-3119

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