Wireless Module puts products onto networks.

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Wireless Networker OEM module extends company's Spectrum 240 wireless LAN into mobile, portable and fixed devices, including wearable printers, price checkers and telemetry equipment. It has complete network stack to manage fast wireless connections using standard network protocols, including TCP/IP, UDP and LDP. Module is included in wireless OEM developer kit that allows product developers to add wireless networking to devices.

Original Press Release:

Symbol Introduces WI-FI Module For Easy Wireless Networking Integration Into OEM Devices

No Operating System Needed to Go Wireless With New Product That Includes Network Stack and Multiple Hardware Interface Options

HOLTSVILLE, NY, Nov. 13, 2001 - Continuing its wireless product leadership, Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:SBL) today introduced a Wi-Fi wireless OEM developer kit with an embeddable wireless LAN module that allows product developers to easily design wireless networking into low cost devices void of operating systems.

The new wireless product is especially designed for devices developed for the retail, manufacturing and transportation and logistics segments.

The Wireless Networker(TM) OEM module (CC-4137-1 000-WW) extends the Spectrum240 High Rate Wireless LAN into mobile, portable, and fixed devices, including wearable printers, price checkers, telemetry equipment and more. The Wi-Fi compliant design and broad capabilities ensure minimum design-in engineering requirements for device developers, reducing the time and cost associated with adding wireless for real-time network connectivity.

"This new developer-friendly solution is especially important for the kind of mobile printers that we design and manufacture", said Robert Danahy, director of marketing, Zebra Technologies Corporation (Nasdaq:ZBRA), the leading developer of wireless thermal printing products. "Adding 802.11 b wireless technology to a device that lacks OS intelligence can be challenging, but Symbol has made it very easy. With this technology, Zebra's Encore and Cameo printers will now support 802.11 and 802.1 1 b networks."

"This rounds out our Spectrum24 High Rate portfolio of high performance, enterprise-class wireless products," said Ray Martino, vice president of network products, Symbol Technologies, Inc. "There are a lot of product developers who are looking for an easy and economical way to design in wireless networking capabilities."

To ease hardware integration, the product features three software configurable hardware-interface options, all industry standard -- serial, basic parallel and PCMCIA.

This is essential, for instance, when used in a variety of portable printing devices, which have no PCMCIA slots and would rely on a serial interface for network connectivity. The module is also equipped with industry-standard MMCX connectors to support the widest range of antenna options.

The OEM Module boasts a complete network stack to manage fast wireless connections using widely adopted standard network protocols, including, TCP/IP, UDP, and LDP. In addition to automatic protocol formatting and management features to reduce software support design requirements, the product's power management features will allow designers to program device response based on application requirements for either stationary or mobile battery powered device applications.

Symbol Technologies, Inc., winner of the 1999 National Medal of Technology, is a global leader in mobile data transaction systems, providing innovative customer solutions based on wireless local area networking for data and voice, application- specific mobile computing and bar code data capture. Symbol's wireless information appliances connect the physical world of people on the move, packages, paper and shipping pallets, to information systems and the Internet. Today, some 10 million Symbol bar code scanners, mobile computers and wireless LANs are utilized worldwide in markets ranging from retailing to transportation and distribution logistics, manufacturing, parcel and postal delivery, government, healthcare and education. Symbol's systems and products are used to increase productivity from the factory floor to the retail store, to the enterprise and out to the home.

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